Thursday, September 30, 2010

We require more Minera.... I mean Resources

For everybody (or anyone) who heard our second podcast me, Bryan, and Daniel have mentioned that some of our resources are scarce like mics, we got our home mics and the omnidirectional one for school use, if anyone would like to add to our list of equipment feel free to help out (money on the other hand is covered so dont worry you dont have to donate cash we're not greedy money grubbers)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Podcast:Status Report

Yo this is Victor Nguyen with my first post on the project podcast blog with a update on what's
going on so far and so far we are not looking so hot. So far we only got one podcast out and its
topic was solely based upon my favorite subject: games, and at the second recording in school it went very well as a practice run for how our podcast should sound like and it will be a subject our little group would talk about again if we don't have anything on the school to talk about (besides others like gagdets or gossip, etc.) but alas the recording was lost and Me, Bryan, and Daniel went and made another podcast at night on Skype with another one of our good friends Chris Vo, and of that, it was our first official Podcast done right, apparently we call it a "Skypecast" which Bryan records our conversation on Skype and turned it into a podcast when we are not at school. The first podcast is not out yet but we hope to get out on itunes soon while our pres. Daniel enjoys some well erned rest for busting his back for us and helping us on the club. We hope to get out more podcasts as soon as possible for our "listeners" as soon as we overcome some techincal problems involving cash and some faulty equipment on my side i also hope to fix this A.S.A.P.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project Podcast: Status Quo

Even with Victor's previous note about updates and podcast quality, I noticed that there haven't been an update for a while, so I guess I should start updating (even as no one reads this). So there is a Club Day coming up on Friday and there WILL be a Podcast recorded live in the quad on that day. So without a further ado, the schedule for the next few weeks.

Here we will have our Podcast/Skype and club meeting schedule for the next week or so. The recordings generally last about an hour so they are relative. Plus they are the most optimum for anyone to record since it's not too late nor is it too early.

  • Skypecast - Wednesday, September 29th [5PM-6PM] (Uploading as of 21:08)
  • Skypecast - Thursday, September 30th [8PM-9PM]
  • Podcast - Friday, October 1st [Live in the Quad during lunch, 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 2nd [5PM~11:59PM]
  • Meeting/Podcast - Friday, October 8th [Debriefing and Briefing || Recording 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 9th [5PM~11:59PM]
  • Skypecast - Tuesday, October 12th [5PM-6PM]
  • Skypecast - Thursday, October 14th [5PM-6PM]
  • Meeting/Podcast - Friday, October 15th [Debriefing and Briefing || Recording(?) 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 10th [5PM~11:59PM
Regarding the groups, so far we only have 2 probable and most likely to work groups:

  1. Daniel Wu, Bryan Nagar, Kip Mowder [School, General & Technology]
  2. Victor Nguyen, Tony Tran, Christ Vo [Video Games]
  3. Tiffany Truong, Vu Nguyen(?) [School Politics and Events]
When the club progresses, these groups will not stay finite, so that means they will be shifting across the entire userbase so that everyone will have a chance to talk about something, whether it be about the weather, movies, music, books they've read or something in particular that comes into their minds.

Hopefully as time goes by there will be more and more members conversing on similar topics. Once that time comes more and more individuals can form a group to tack on a discussion that will last from 30 minutes to roughly 1 hour solely based on their cloud of thoughts

As you might have noticed so far, there is more than one group, and you might be asking yourself, "How are they going to get that done at once in the same room in only 30 minutes?". Unfortunately....that is still being worked on.

So far that is ALL....for now. Stay tuned (I hope so) for more updates in the near near future

Dan Wu


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roundup: "Mini" Club Day

Even if this is a late post, I want to get this out of the way.

So this past Wednesday, there was an apparent "Mini" Club Day because the actual event that usually happens during lunch has been postponed for the upcoming Wednesday of the 22nd.

But as stated by us (well some of us), we covered which clubs took part for this small event and scrounged up some information on some of the clubs.

Below is the list of participating clubs. :note that these clubs are just for Thursday's event:

  1. Filipino Student Union [FSU]
  2. Glee Club
  3. Club Interact
  4. Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA]
  5. Falcons 4 Christ [FFC]
  6. Penpal Club
  7. Club Azteca
  8. Raza Unida
  9. Para Para + Club
  10. International Youth Foundation [IYF]
  11. Latinos In Action [LIA]
  12. Friday Night Live [FNL]
  13. My Voice Club (AKA My Strength, Your Strength)
  14. Freestyle Club
  15. CGA (AKA Anime Club)
Those are only some of the clubs that exist at our school. Most likely that there all clubs will be attending next Wednesday's "Official" Club Day.

Now on to a brief summary for each club and what they're worth.

Filipino Student Union [FSU]

The Filipino Student Union, or FSU for short, is a congregation of all Filipino students at Andrew Hill. Their main focus is on Filipino Art and Culture, revolving mostly around music styles, languages, and food.

Glee Club

Glee Club is a club embodying the spirit of music and dance. Mostly deriving from famous Broadway musicals and some modern musicals such as Les Miserables, or The Phantom of The Opera; Glee Club uses music to choreograph dances that incorporate multiple people simultaneously (somewhat over 7).

Club Interact

Club Interact is a student organization focusing on helping the community. Every member is involved in community service like campus cleaning. Club Interact also hosts fundraisers to further benefit the surrounding community around Andrew Hill and other organizations in San Jose. Furthermore, Club Interact's members take the time to help each others families out.
[Incomplete/Run on]

Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA]

The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA for short, is a club that promotes sexual equality. They are against the discrimination and segregation of homosexuals, both female and male. During their club activities, they get together and do discussions about why discrimination of homosexuals is negative.

Falcons 4 Christ [FFC]

Falcons 4 Christ is a Christian youth organizations that focues on the Scripture and Bible study. Students enlighten others on the word of God and promote Christianity throughout the school on how individuals can apply it to their everyday lives. Every monday @ 7AM they gather around the poles near the Cafetorium for a small prayer, dubbed "See You at the Poles".

PenPal Club

The Penpal Club is a small club that interacts with grade school kids, primarily 2nd graders. Students in this club do a one-to-one interaction with them to teach them leadership skill for application in the future. Along with interacting with them, they write letters to the grade schoolers as well as children from abroad promoting their cause.

I've only covered a small segment of the list of above clubs, but I want you to have that feeling of wanting more information since this was only a small event foreshadowing the much larger, more epic, catastrophic :sarcasm: event. The rest of the clubs will be having a thorough breakdown after the main event on Wednesday, September 24.

On a side note, if anyone can further improve the information that was probably loosely falsified in some way (though I really don't know since it's based off of another editors' notes), please feel free to comment below for any tips on improvement, revisions, corrections, or just your overall opinion and concern about the above post. This also applies to all our other posts and upcoming posts as well.

Source: Daniel Wu, Tony Tran, Bryan Nagar via: Project Podcast
And thanks to all the clubs who participated on Wednesday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Thing About Talkshows

I just realized that we don't really have much to go on when we're doing our recording so I might as well write a whole article about it just to give an idea of what is expected when you want to inform people about a certain subject and area. I mean these talk shows develop by getting into an objective and they pick at it for a bit to try and figure out how these things tick on a certain level. When you have people that talk about a certain topic, you have to have input from atleast more than half the guests on these shows to have something to build up upon, as visual aids are not an option, there is an extent where you have to invest a certain amount of degree in which you express a certain amount of thought and passion about the subject in order to attract an audience listening into that common topic. You have to have a discussion on these topics, not on a personal level, but on a more technical level, while still provided some personal interpretations. What these shows do is to pull apart these topics bit by bit, and discuss these elements, like doing a review. When you do these recording specializing on a certain topic, you have to discuss how all these elements come into play, and how these elements developed. Try not to have a long engulfing speech where people aren't able to put any of their personal interpretations on it (given if their opinions are justified). I also want to inform that the projects that we're doing ARE Reviews, so you have to pick at the elements that come into play when discussing a certain topic as a whole, try to be a critic, but don't be too biased. Hopefully this is just some stuff to build up upon, and hopefully this might help.

Dan(Project Podcast)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Club Day

Today's club day was a success, a lot of people were attracted to the food, and we managed to raise quite a bit of money, a good amount actually. What we need to do now is to get ready for the actual Club Day, and hopefully everything will run smoother that time as well. We managed to surpass my expectations, but we still haven't the money to officially start the club yet. The next Club Day we'll have a lower bar to meet, so it won't be as stressful. So this gives us more room for improvement, especially since I am a first timer when it comes to being a president, so I hope everything will run as smoothly with this club as it did today.

Dan (Project Podcast)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stuff for Club Day

Guess what? Club Day is coming up in about two days, well actually tomorrow... So here's what is going to go down for Club Day, if everything works out fine;

we're going to be selling food, not for money, but for tickets which cost 50 cents each (going to talk about that on the podcast),

going booth to booth to gather information about each individual club (i.e what they do, whose the president, etc...),

trying to advertise out club (ordered business cards, hopefully they'll help),

and trying to gather information on what people want to hear about, what they want to know which means we'll be conducting surveys, if that doesn't seem too much to ask.

Hopefully the InterClub meeting won't turn out to be a disaster for this Club, so I've got my fingers crossed, did I mention we need to raise $100 in order to keep this open?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selling Cereal Marshmallows for Club Day

I've just recently discovered this site

and then showed it to Daniel...after some discussing for around 10~20 minutes, we decided...


Me and Daniel are pitching $10. There is a bulk order that goes to 12 pounds for $70 PLUS FREE SHIPPING. SO WE ONLY NEED 5 MORE MEMBERS TO AT LEAST PITCH $10.

If 5 more people agree to pay Daniel the increment then we can order by Sunday, Sept 12. 00:00

Project Podcast - 001 - 2010.09.17

First official podcast for PP7 highlighting school news and other topics relayed to us from commenters, students, staff and probably general people alike.

Main Podcast

This week we will have ASB Commissioner of Rallies and fellow member of Project Podcast, Tiffany Truong. We will be discussing the rally that took place the week before; and we will be getting Tiffany's opinion about the event as well as ours. From this discussion, we will point out the pros and cons as well as what can be looked upon for improvement for this years upcoming rallies, especially homecoming.

Joining us will be: Editor in Chief Daniel Wu, Managing Editor Bryan Nagar and Club Advisor Kip Mowder.

Podcast No.2 (No Name Given as of Yet)

Along with the main podcast, we will have our subordinates host a podcast simultaneously about Club Day, which was held on Wednesday, the 15th. Editors and club researchers have been going around table to table jotting down notes each club on why they made the club and what general purpose they have to start such a club. Aside from the note taking, podcasters will be sharing they're overall opinion on this years Club Day.

Joining us will be: (No one has been decided as of yet)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Got The Podcast Group Set Up

          So the podcast group is all set up now, which means, that all that's left to do now, is to record content and upload it onto a server, then paste the direct link here, which updates onto the feed, and in turn goes directly into the iTunes group (make sense?). What's next? Well we need content to discuss, and posts to write, hopefully after Club Day, we (the network) will be ready to gather content to discuss about. Contribute to the group by attending Club Day, and gather info about the other clubs, we'll then upload it onto a page here, and make it available to the wider public (hopefully).
Here's the link to the Podcast Page:

Dan (Project Podcast)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Editing Site Design, and Blah Blahs

          Otakun's editing the site design, what does that mean? Obviously making changes to the interface of the site, including the comment section, the tweaks won't be final until about this morning, or perhaps tomorrow. So stay tuned for any tweaks, and if any of you have any suggestions that will make this site more convenient to use, feel free to bring it up, via the Email, or comment below (I'll just highlight the text to view the comment).

Dan (Project Podcast)

Edit by Otakun: Blog is finalized and hopefully no further changes will be needed.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Need Writers for the Blog

          A new blog means that we need writers. Interested? If so the requirements are basically the ability to post and write about a focused topic for one entire post, which means that you can talk about one thing per blog post. Also one other thing is that you must update atleast once a week, if you can't, send me an email. I'll try to update daily on what is going on once the club is deemed official at AHHS, but if not, I'll still try to carry on.

Dan (Project Podcast)



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aims of ProjectPodcast :D

          The aims of this experiment is basically to try and create a network of people who can express their ideals, not just limited to High School information (we will be covering that, too), but also consumer products (electronics, video games, and software) and any forms of culture (music, art, and events) if you have any experience in any of those fields. Another thing that we will be experimenting with is what makes us different from the other AHHS clubs, basically the advantage of having news anywhere with access to iTunes, and/or an iPod. As we will also be doing Podcasts, which is the main aim of this group. If you don't know what a Podcast is, it is simply a radio-like interface that is accessible to any iTunes network, where you can download episodes periodically (and automatically with a free subscription!) onto your iPod device, and can be brought virtually anywhere with you without any added bulk. The network will be launching sometime after September 15, 2010, and the plan is to possibly talk about what is going on with the school.

          This is a user-base project so participation from you (the reader) is golden, so send in those questions at and/or comment below and will try to get you(the readers) the best possible , or the most convenient answer (we will also be conducting interviews with the staff members of the school, if possible). I also want to add that this is a independent project, separate from the staff of the school. Also have to add that this is a nonprofit network, so any money that is donated or acquired (i.e. fundraisers) through ProjectPodcast will only be used to improve this group. I have high hopes for this project and hope that it can flourish into something more than just a club, possibly flourish into a network.

Dan (Project Podcast)

WELCOME to the AHHS Blog

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Mowder, the advisor for this Blog/Club at AHHS. Daniel Wu is President/CEO of this blog and will be responsible for decision making and blog topics/direction.
Welcome to the blog and let's submit some names for this blog.
All decisions are final and all topics will be colorful and tasteful or you will be expelled and referred to office administration connected with this blog.

Enjoy and discuss academically, succinctly, and wisely. Please do not waste time putting down others, boosting your ego, or shilling for an external purpose.

Thank you,