Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aims of ProjectPodcast :D

          The aims of this experiment is basically to try and create a network of people who can express their ideals, not just limited to High School information (we will be covering that, too), but also consumer products (electronics, video games, and software) and any forms of culture (music, art, and events) if you have any experience in any of those fields. Another thing that we will be experimenting with is what makes us different from the other AHHS clubs, basically the advantage of having news anywhere with access to iTunes, and/or an iPod. As we will also be doing Podcasts, which is the main aim of this group. If you don't know what a Podcast is, it is simply a radio-like interface that is accessible to any iTunes network, where you can download episodes periodically (and automatically with a free subscription!) onto your iPod device, and can be brought virtually anywhere with you without any added bulk. The network will be launching sometime after September 15, 2010, and the plan is to possibly talk about what is going on with the school.

          This is a user-base project so participation from you (the reader) is golden, so send in those questions at and/or comment below and will try to get you(the readers) the best possible , or the most convenient answer (we will also be conducting interviews with the staff members of the school, if possible). I also want to add that this is a independent project, separate from the staff of the school. Also have to add that this is a nonprofit network, so any money that is donated or acquired (i.e. fundraisers) through ProjectPodcast will only be used to improve this group. I have high hopes for this project and hope that it can flourish into something more than just a club, possibly flourish into a network.

Dan (Project Podcast)

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