Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project Podcast: Status Quo

Even with Victor's previous note about updates and podcast quality, I noticed that there haven't been an update for a while, so I guess I should start updating (even as no one reads this). So there is a Club Day coming up on Friday and there WILL be a Podcast recorded live in the quad on that day. So without a further ado, the schedule for the next few weeks.

Here we will have our Podcast/Skype and club meeting schedule for the next week or so. The recordings generally last about an hour so they are relative. Plus they are the most optimum for anyone to record since it's not too late nor is it too early.

  • Skypecast - Wednesday, September 29th [5PM-6PM] (Uploading as of 21:08)
  • Skypecast - Thursday, September 30th [8PM-9PM]
  • Podcast - Friday, October 1st [Live in the Quad during lunch, 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 2nd [5PM~11:59PM]
  • Meeting/Podcast - Friday, October 8th [Debriefing and Briefing || Recording 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 9th [5PM~11:59PM]
  • Skypecast - Tuesday, October 12th [5PM-6PM]
  • Skypecast - Thursday, October 14th [5PM-6PM]
  • Meeting/Podcast - Friday, October 15th [Debriefing and Briefing || Recording(?) 11:25AM-11:54AM]
  • Skypecast (Open Discussion) - Saturday, October 10th [5PM~11:59PM
Regarding the groups, so far we only have 2 probable and most likely to work groups:

  1. Daniel Wu, Bryan Nagar, Kip Mowder [School, General & Technology]
  2. Victor Nguyen, Tony Tran, Christ Vo [Video Games]
  3. Tiffany Truong, Vu Nguyen(?) [School Politics and Events]
When the club progresses, these groups will not stay finite, so that means they will be shifting across the entire userbase so that everyone will have a chance to talk about something, whether it be about the weather, movies, music, books they've read or something in particular that comes into their minds.

Hopefully as time goes by there will be more and more members conversing on similar topics. Once that time comes more and more individuals can form a group to tack on a discussion that will last from 30 minutes to roughly 1 hour solely based on their cloud of thoughts

As you might have noticed so far, there is more than one group, and you might be asking yourself, "How are they going to get that done at once in the same room in only 30 minutes?". Unfortunately....that is still being worked on.

So far that is ALL....for now. Stay tuned (I hope so) for more updates in the near near future

Dan Wu


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