Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Project Podcast:Status Report

Yo this is Victor Nguyen with my first post on the project podcast blog with a update on what's
going on so far and so far we are not looking so hot. So far we only got one podcast out and its
topic was solely based upon my favorite subject: games, and at the second recording in school it went very well as a practice run for how our podcast should sound like and it will be a subject our little group would talk about again if we don't have anything on the school to talk about (besides others like gagdets or gossip, etc.) but alas the recording was lost and Me, Bryan, and Daniel went and made another podcast at night on Skype with another one of our good friends Chris Vo, and of that, it was our first official Podcast done right, apparently we call it a "Skypecast" which Bryan records our conversation on Skype and turned it into a podcast when we are not at school. The first podcast is not out yet but we hope to get out on itunes soon while our pres. Daniel enjoys some well erned rest for busting his back for us and helping us on the club. We hope to get out more podcasts as soon as possible for our "listeners" as soon as we overcome some techincal problems involving cash and some faulty equipment on my side i also hope to fix this A.S.A.P.

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