Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roundup: "Mini" Club Day

Even if this is a late post, I want to get this out of the way.

So this past Wednesday, there was an apparent "Mini" Club Day because the actual event that usually happens during lunch has been postponed for the upcoming Wednesday of the 22nd.

But as stated by us (well some of us), we covered which clubs took part for this small event and scrounged up some information on some of the clubs.

Below is the list of participating clubs. :note that these clubs are just for Thursday's event:

  1. Filipino Student Union [FSU]
  2. Glee Club
  3. Club Interact
  4. Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA]
  5. Falcons 4 Christ [FFC]
  6. Penpal Club
  7. Club Azteca
  8. Raza Unida
  9. Para Para + Club
  10. International Youth Foundation [IYF]
  11. Latinos In Action [LIA]
  12. Friday Night Live [FNL]
  13. My Voice Club (AKA My Strength, Your Strength)
  14. Freestyle Club
  15. CGA (AKA Anime Club)
Those are only some of the clubs that exist at our school. Most likely that there all clubs will be attending next Wednesday's "Official" Club Day.

Now on to a brief summary for each club and what they're worth.

Filipino Student Union [FSU]

The Filipino Student Union, or FSU for short, is a congregation of all Filipino students at Andrew Hill. Their main focus is on Filipino Art and Culture, revolving mostly around music styles, languages, and food.

Glee Club

Glee Club is a club embodying the spirit of music and dance. Mostly deriving from famous Broadway musicals and some modern musicals such as Les Miserables, or The Phantom of The Opera; Glee Club uses music to choreograph dances that incorporate multiple people simultaneously (somewhat over 7).

Club Interact

Club Interact is a student organization focusing on helping the community. Every member is involved in community service like campus cleaning. Club Interact also hosts fundraisers to further benefit the surrounding community around Andrew Hill and other organizations in San Jose. Furthermore, Club Interact's members take the time to help each others families out.
[Incomplete/Run on]

Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA]

The Gay-Straight Alliance, or GSA for short, is a club that promotes sexual equality. They are against the discrimination and segregation of homosexuals, both female and male. During their club activities, they get together and do discussions about why discrimination of homosexuals is negative.

Falcons 4 Christ [FFC]

Falcons 4 Christ is a Christian youth organizations that focues on the Scripture and Bible study. Students enlighten others on the word of God and promote Christianity throughout the school on how individuals can apply it to their everyday lives. Every monday @ 7AM they gather around the poles near the Cafetorium for a small prayer, dubbed "See You at the Poles".

PenPal Club

The Penpal Club is a small club that interacts with grade school kids, primarily 2nd graders. Students in this club do a one-to-one interaction with them to teach them leadership skill for application in the future. Along with interacting with them, they write letters to the grade schoolers as well as children from abroad promoting their cause.

I've only covered a small segment of the list of above clubs, but I want you to have that feeling of wanting more information since this was only a small event foreshadowing the much larger, more epic, catastrophic :sarcasm: event. The rest of the clubs will be having a thorough breakdown after the main event on Wednesday, September 24.

On a side note, if anyone can further improve the information that was probably loosely falsified in some way (though I really don't know since it's based off of another editors' notes), please feel free to comment below for any tips on improvement, revisions, corrections, or just your overall opinion and concern about the above post. This also applies to all our other posts and upcoming posts as well.

Source: Daniel Wu, Tony Tran, Bryan Nagar via: Project Podcast
And thanks to all the clubs who participated on Wednesday.

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