Friday, September 17, 2010

The Thing About Talkshows

I just realized that we don't really have much to go on when we're doing our recording so I might as well write a whole article about it just to give an idea of what is expected when you want to inform people about a certain subject and area. I mean these talk shows develop by getting into an objective and they pick at it for a bit to try and figure out how these things tick on a certain level. When you have people that talk about a certain topic, you have to have input from atleast more than half the guests on these shows to have something to build up upon, as visual aids are not an option, there is an extent where you have to invest a certain amount of degree in which you express a certain amount of thought and passion about the subject in order to attract an audience listening into that common topic. You have to have a discussion on these topics, not on a personal level, but on a more technical level, while still provided some personal interpretations. What these shows do is to pull apart these topics bit by bit, and discuss these elements, like doing a review. When you do these recording specializing on a certain topic, you have to discuss how all these elements come into play, and how these elements developed. Try not to have a long engulfing speech where people aren't able to put any of their personal interpretations on it (given if their opinions are justified). I also want to inform that the projects that we're doing ARE Reviews, so you have to pick at the elements that come into play when discussing a certain topic as a whole, try to be a critic, but don't be too biased. Hopefully this is just some stuff to build up upon, and hopefully this might help.

Dan(Project Podcast)

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