Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Importance of Urban Role Models

11.1.10 - Matthew Amaral - On Monday, I usually show up to the high school where I teach dressed like I¹m about to go to a wedding.

Black dress-pants, creased up nicely; a pleasant-colored shirt with matching tie of a slightly different shade; snake-skin leather shoes. I even rock my glasses. Mondays are the hardest day to teach, and on those days when you must calm the crunkiness of the weekend, I like to remind them who is boss.

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Medal Of Honor Is Good [Review]

Although it came out about three weeks ago, I still enjoy this game more than MW2. At least there isn't any campers. The gameplay of the game overall is quite better than MW2...... By a little. The game itself to me is two games in total because of the two developers, for campaign and multi. DICE does do a good job on the enviorments and the play. There are many flaws in it also. There are campers, and when I first played it, I got powned by guys who got it at midnight, and happened to get the sniper rifle with scope. I accept the campers because in shooters nowadays will ALWAYS have one guy sitting in the corner with a shotgun. So the multiplayer is a little better than MW2 in my opinion. Now, the campaign on the other hand, is just plain different. I beated it in about four to six hours. There isn't much to do in it, but it gives you the joy of taking out Alqueda with a helicopter. Most of the trailers and news you saw about this game is mostly promises not granted. There is some vehicle play, but not much. Only in the fourth or maybe sixth level you only get to play. The story is you take on I think four guys who are just awesome in killing terrorists. There's the wolfpack, rangers, and the other two I forgot or didn't even know I was playing as them. If you've actually been reading this, the ending is Rabbit from Wolfpack I think dies. The end credits is an honor to the men and women to the U.S. Military. Kinda funny because you know it was banned for sale in military bases. Overall, the campaign is driven by epic moments like when you finally get to play as the rangers and a bunch of BOOMS and AAARGGGHHHS happen. It's good, but it is like MW2 when you have no idea what is happening and all you do is pointless shooting and killing. Just the reason why you probably bought it in the first place. If you like shooters, you might want to rent it first, then buy if you like it.

Overall: 8/10

You'll LIKE:
Epic moments
Less Campers and Hacks

You'll HATE:
You can beat it pretty easily

Vidya Gaem HyPEview: Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) [Review]

Sure call me a nerd, but the whole idea of having a massive "world" built into a computer rig or a video game console just makes me feel warm in the heart, in fact it turns me on as I can play god and do whatever I want, whenever I want. And I also preordered the Collector's Edition which means, not only do I get Video Game memorabilia, but also I get exclusive content that people that bought it regularly are not entitled to it at all. Bought the GameStop version so I got the Classic Pack, comes with Vault 13 Armor, a Weathered 10mm, and a Trusty Canteen (Also some Stimpacks, but that's a given). Also do not forget I got the Collector's Edition, don't believe me? Have a look-see at this picture (cr*ptized) from a Nokia Phone (not cr*ptized, it looks slick, Nokia Intrigue).
Along with the epic cards, chips, and book, you get the "Making Of" BluRay which I'll never watch...

Time to Myself: Why Do People Attend Dances?

Lately I've been thinking to myself while I was playing Fallout: New Vegas, taking a shower, getting ready for Homecoming Dance. Why do people go to these dances, of course I was over thinking it but maybe there is more to it than just an event where people gather, or is it? I've asked this one question: Why did you come?. And I got a plethora of different answers, well actually just a few, I forgot to go on about asking the question as soon as I heard Bulletproof playing playing in the gym. But really, what is the whole idea of going to a dance, is it just a social gathering or is it more of a physical sport/event? Now I did ask a few select people, of course they'll be anonymous and here are their reasons:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The JAILcast day 4 of post apocalyptia

greetings is anyone out there, this is Victor Nguyen i am completely in a state of isolation and i believe that i am the last of mankind but i believe there are others out there, if there i anyone out there please respond , this message will repeat on all frequency 24/7 until i get a a response

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need a dispenser here

we need to get on a podcast ASAP

The JAILcast day 3

Guys i need help with my homework here, so i need at least one of you guys to help me out here, check some of my classes for homework i missed during my suspension here is my schedule:

3:algebra 2 Ms. Shresta's room
4:english 3 Mr. Guven
5:history Mr. Johnson's room
yeah definitely need some help here guys

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Might of the Raider

Passing offense: Jason Campbell rebounded from his unfavorable six years football career with an outstanding effort. He completed with 60 percent of his passes, two of which was touchdowns. He also converted a third- down play into a first with a nifty 15 yard run.

The JAILcast day 2

turns out that suspension isn't really all that bad, i manage to finally get some rest that keeps my mind sharp and focus, for the most part at least, meanwhile i still need an inside man on the job to get me some news on my homework or i just check up on school loop if they ever actually do that and i can't trust the chemistry website so i'm pretty much in the dark right about now, while on that i could still do the podcast but i am kept at a strict 1 hour or more time frame and still does anyone have any idea to get us noticed yet. and i guess that wraps up this report on my day till then i'm going to practice my knifefighting.

Monday, October 25, 2010

the JAILcast

well i am officially suspended from school and i am being charged for assault but that dosen't mean i can't do the podcast with you guys..... i just need to know my homework for the week thats all

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project Skypecast 007 - (Ob)Literally Obliterate Your Foes [2010.10.19]

Rush producing these Skypecasts cause once again, I am falling behind schedule due to a terribly slow upload speed (I blame AT&T). For a good hearty 27 minutes, we discussed: Boat Renaming Conspiracy, Older Parents doing a Teenager's Essay, More Transportation Talk, AMD's new 6870 GPU, and What is a Pixel?

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, and J.J. Wanda
Producer: Bryan Nagar

Listen to the Skypecast

Download the Podcast

Project Skypecast 006 - I'm Making a Note Here, Huge Success... [2010.10.18]

I know you were looking forward for episode six, and here it is. Gather 'round your computer screen to listen to the almighty Skypecast of a group of students just voicing their uncensored opinions about stuff like: Possible Segments, Dead Stars Back to Life, and Kick-ass Modes of Transportation.

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, J.J. Wanda, and Oscar Majano
Other Appearences: Stefan Nguyen

Producer: Bryan Nagar
Music: Intro // 8-Bit Still Alive MIDI || Interlude // GLADoS - Still Alive || Outro // Chiptune Still Alive

Listen to the Skypecast

Download The Skypecast

The Fit just hit the shan

this is Victor here and i have terrible news, i will probaly have a week long break next week and that sucks

p.s. does anyone know where to find an anger management counselor

Friday, October 22, 2010

Branching Out: A Possibility.

Upon sifting through the Blogger settings and discovered that we can only have an author limit up to 100. Though I don't think we're ever going to get THAT many writers for the blog; Plus there's always the possibility of branching out into several subordinate blogs to accommodate the needs of those specific people who want to voice their opinion, but are limited to a writing medium where they are alienated by topics and posts that are irrelevant to their own. (e.g. -- technology editorials on a blog focusing on education, or game reviews on a blog about education)

I've also started development on a Wordpress mirror (without jurisdiction from Daniel >:)) just in case the blogger system goes down an abyss of disarray, then there's always the wordpress to fall back to.

College admissions rely too heavily on standardized tests - Oct. 21, 2010

I agree with this article due to the fact that I am one of those students who have that "high expectation", but once again fluke at the test scores and branded an "idiot", or "pathetic", and "mediocre"

College admissions rely too heavily on standardized tests - Oct. 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Migraines the size of the Titanic,Then News & topics

Well today was certainly not the best of my days, still really confused on graphing quadratic formulas and viet class feels like a nap time kind of class while having a very crappy time in chmeistry but other then that some good come out of here today. Me and the pres. have been talking and we thought of a new segment obviously called "Dontcha hate it?" and i think its kind of self explanatory, on the other note we're still trying to find out a way to get some public notice at least to the school that is and we tried that by being annouced on the P.A. system, how we will be able to do that i don't know but until then lets keep hoping we finally get some listeners after like a month in the club.

But then some news or topics on the SKYPEcast tomorrow:

Education Week: Study: Most 2-Year College Students Never Finish

This shouldn't be surprising for some of you...

Education Week: Study: Most 2-Year College Students Never Finish

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Curiosity is banned at Westfield High

What if you were given an assignment that you weren't allowed to use any resources outside of your own knowledge? Well apparently that's what the case for students at Westfield High in Virginia. Student's are allowed only to use their own notes, study sheets, handouts, and a text book titled: The Earth and It's Peoples.

Curiosity is banned at Westfield High

The Project Podcast Skypecast [2010.10.20]

Later tonight there will a Skypecast tonight around 7:30PM to 9:00PM about....well games, games, games, games, games, politics, games, games, games, games, games!

Joining me will be the usual Victor Nguyen and JJ Wanda (Wando, Wanda, or a completely different spelling? I'm sorry for inciting any inert rage JJ)from Virginia. We will (probably) also have our friend Kevin Ta and Vu Nguyen joining us on the Skypecast.



  • Victor renames boat from Falcon Punch to Punch Falcon
  • Terrible local Internet Service
  • Professor Layton x Ace Attorney (THE CRUCIBLE) crossover game.
  • Rapture Re-creation in Minecraft
  • $88 XBOX RPG Shmup
  • Call of Duty Black Ops is easier on your computer.
  • $2 Twitter app for iphone lets you read Twitter like you're playing a Mario game.
  • Toy Story 3 || New PS2 Bundle available.
  • God of War Collection coming to PSN
  • Neopets
  • Super Awesome New Vegas Collector's Edition (SANVCE)
  • XBOX Silver is now XBOX Free Membership
  • 'GOOD' Time Crisis game on the PS3 (Time Crisis: Razing Storm)
  • NES Coffee Table for sale on ebay.
  • Angry Birds dev bought by EA.
  • Chunsoft's new zombie gamed named 'Zombie Love'
  • Super Mario 25th Anniversary

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project Skypecast 005 - The 2 Hour Special [2010.10.17]


Finally....up to date with the recordings...Here is episode number five of our glorious junk of a Skypecast. Two, count it, two hours of wholesome podcast ready to be listened by listeners like you. Be warned though, after the 40 minute mark...the floodgates for profanity have been opened, so listener discretion is advised beyond 40 minutes >:)

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, JJ (James)

Other Appearnces: Stefan Nguyen

Producer: Bryan Nagar

Listen (MP3)

Listen (AAC)

Listen (Ogg Vorbis)

Podcast Page

Detecting the Voice of a 50-Year-Old Man in the Essay of a 17-Year-Old Girl -

..............oh my god.......oh my god

Detecting the Voice of a 50-Year-Old Man in the Essay of a 17-Year-Old Girl -

Project Skypecast 003 - Movies Movies Movies MOVIES!

Well here is episode three of the awesome Skypecast. This time our friend Ben Esteves joins us for a discussion...mostly revolving around social media. (Movies, TV, Games, etc...)

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, Ben Esteves
Producer: Bryan Nagar

Monday, October 18, 2010

Project Skypecast 004 - Hemp Air

Now you might be wondering why episode four comes right after the first; well, to start off the second episode was a load of garbage and there was corrupted audio so I couldn't do anything about it, so that got trashed, and episode three is still being worked on that the moment so I'll have that one up soon...basically episode four was ready to upload right off the bat since I saved into an MP3 version and not a Waveform so I can do some post-production magic with the Levelator, but it was good anyway.

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, JJ (James), and Stefan Nguyen
Producer: Bryan Nagar

Listen to the Skypecast

Part 1 || Part 2 (MP3)
Part 1 || Part 2 (Ogg Vorbis)

Ill. Students Passing Tests With More Wrong Answers � CBS Chicago – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Chicago

Really? Pass more with less....that's....well....that's pretty bad.

Ill. Students Passing Tests With More Wrong Answers � CBS Chicago – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic, and the Best of Chicago

Today's possible topics

During the SKYPEcast me and Bryan and others normally run out of topics to talk about and so i have been trying to find out some topics to talk about during the skypecast so that we don't bore our listeners with stark silence.

Here are some of todays suggestions:

-Wth is "The Matrix"?

-How to identify and avoid a troll

-the internet! is it more then just for porn and piracy


-More horror stuff

-Mr. Mach's boat project

-cellphones: annoying in class but a neccessity

-Gaming (probraly not, not yet at least)

-Cartoons (maybe)

-Anime (maybe)

-Online sensations: are you the next star?

-Mass Effect.......Dragon Age.......Uhh.....

-The right to bear arms, yes or no?

-The Mighty badasses of the film world (I.E. Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal,etc.)

-What if dead stars were still alive today?

-Modes of transportation:which would you rather have?

well i do have more but i'll save that for another day, meanwhile i've come up with a few new possible segments of both the SKYPEcast and the school podcast

-letters from the fans (a classic)

-advice to the people (hopefully no cyberbullying, and personal bashing about us)

-Reviews (all form of media: books,shows,movies)

-rumour mill (like inside gaming only in our kind of way)

Teacher evaluations evolve toward reliance on student test outcomes, not principal's observations |

I just stumbled upon this article and it seems interesting to intrigue you concerned students.

How good is your child's teacher?

Teacher evaluations evolve toward reliance on student test outcomes, not principal's observations |

Time for Some Skypecast

It is almost time to put up some of the podcasts we've done over Skype that are dubbed, "Skypecasts". Though they really never revolve around school or education (sometimes they do), the Skypecasts are just for time-wasters and pointless banter the student who needs to listen to something to kill time or whatever.

Over the following weeks, I shall be publishing the Skypecasts that were due for publication the past week and such, so check the Skypecasts page over the course of the week for some Skypecasty fun.

Beware though...I might not have enough time to even post the recordings....UGH SCHOOL WORK.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hell it's about damn time

Holy cow, it is raining for the very first time down here and that gave me ideas for topics on the podcast as well as being able to stay inside and brainstorm, other then that we gotta find a way to pull the club out of the rut we're in , anyway here are some possible topics to talk about on the skypecast which i somehow evidently linked it to modern society so i guess Chris was kinda right.


-The difference between cartoons/comic books & anime/manga

-Books, are they going to be obsolete?

-genrations to come, how will they see us?

-modern tech. are they the cause of, or solution to this gnerations problems

-potpourri (not the smelly stuff)

-Pirates V.S. Ninjas, the eternal battle

-The school system


-Cars that run without gas?

-Movies (again)

-Television, the picture box, the boob tube

-the genre of horror

well thats all i got for now, if you got anything else to tell me my email is
i will try to check on it often for it keeps getting filled up with junk mail :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Posting as There are No Posts of a Page Meant for Posting Posts

Wow, haven't made a post in a while, anyways I guess I'll make a post updating on what's happening with the club and all, right now the project that will be partaking in the coming weeks for the club is to try and set up groups, each going on with their own different topics and discussions. Though this may be challenging as I am not in any way familiar with people managing skills. I hope for the best of this project, but I am going to enunciate this, these groups are going to be their own podcast group, and will either release on the official Project Podcast iTunes page, or on their own podcast group if they wish. Here's how most of the main rules and guidelines for the topic discussions (think of them as challenges):

Friday, October 15, 2010

iEtherPad and Real-time Collaboration

I mentioned this service a while back on Facebook. iEtherPad is literally like a multiplayer Notepad. Users can edit a single document all in realtime. Changes made will be visible to the other editors in a somewhat live/realtime setting, so grammatical changes can be instantly be upheld without having to refresh the page.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

which way is up?

our skypecast is kind of in the drain right now with only me and Bryan and a handful of guest with little to absolutely no knowledge on topics and talks whatsoever, we need some help of our staff who haven't talked yet so we can get this show on the road

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burninating the countryside

it has been 2 days and I haven't been able to post anything lately dued to a large number of chemistry homework and a lab coming up the following, i am up to my neck in homework and i reek of brush cleaner fluid from trying to make my torch for the boat im building which will annahilate all comers. On a note i will try to post on a daily basis from now on that i promised before on a podcast

Monday, October 11, 2010

The most interesting blog post in the world

Today we are kinda low on news except for the last podcast by our vice pres. but today we managed to successfully pull off another SKYPEcast chockfull of special guest, features and many Chuck Norris jokes told today, so check that out later, but today i will talk all the members of this clubs in the most interesting of way.

Bryan Nagar once kicked cancer so hard he gave it AIDS.

Daniel Wu once shot down a plane by pointing at it and yelling "BANG".

As long as Chris Vo exists, virginity cannot.

Victor Nguyen trained a rattlesnake to do his laundry.

Eric Rom's blood smells like cologne

Dr. Mowder eats coal and excretes diamonds.

Eric Chiang was once bit by a cobra, after days of excruciating pain the cobra died.

hmm..very interesting......

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Homecoming: National Anthem & Emcee Auditions

That's right guys and gals, the chance for you to claim your throne for school notoriety! Auditions for your spot to sing the National Anthem or even be one of the two emcees for the Homecoming Rally begin on Tuesday in the Small Gym. Make sure to train those vocal chords for singing or have plenty of social stamina for being an emcee!

Good luck and see you at the rally.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project Podcast Skypecast 001 - The MineCAST

[No Artwork]

So in replacement to our really really bad recording during lunch that didn't pertain to school whatsoever... Just...well, talking about video games again I guess. I decided not to censor this one, for it would kill the mood of each implication of profanity I would mention to Victor later on.

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen
Producer: Bryan Nagar

Download/Listen to the Podcast

Contact the Skypecast

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Upcoming: Events for October

October Events and Such....well at least some of them.

So on Friday, we had our little interview podcast with ASB Vice President, Bryan Nguyen, in which coincidentally, I am also a Vice President and my name is also Bryan...with a Y. It's all a gimmick! No I'm just playing with you. So on to the more important breaking news of the month!

During Daniel's little 6 minute interview I, as the note taker wrote down the important key parts of it. Even if they pointed out the obvious stuff, it was hard to quickly interpret voice to paper since they were buzzing through all the topics. Then again...I can just listen to the podcast again HAHA! Along with the podcast notes. ASB President Lindsey Nguyen (who is Bryan's sister) setup the facebook page with more elaborate information (I suppose) about the upcoming homecoming.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ugga Bugga Clubba Day (Thats Caveman For Club Day)

Today we actually had a club club day with no rescheduling and got some more members for the club. also we managed to rock the new banner and looked pretty damn professional in our suits and business cards, but our live podcast went south when we had no laptop to record it on so we went the with no podcast so i think there will be a podcast tonight. :P

P.S. loving the new random title card

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project Podcast Episode 1 - Events of October

Finally going about to do our first OFFICIAL iTunes release of Project Podcast, just going about with an of ASB Vice President Bryan Nguyen, just to talk about the events of October for Andrew P. Hill High School that were in the planner, just a short listen about nine minutes.

Project Podcast Pre-Production-Cast - 2010.10.01

[No Artwork Yet]

Well...Daniel fell asleep so I went ahead and did the Post Production Podcast without him. Students, Victor Nguyen, Eric Rom, Christ Vo, Eric Chiang, and Christopher Kuwatani (did not talk) joined me in a discussion about the podcast recording during lunch of Friday, October 1st. We also highlighted some other topics yet to be covered in a later podcast, but hinted in this one. :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Big Things

A few months into the school year has put a thought into my mind that the project podcast could grow to be more then just an indie club, If we get a chance this club could even become a public program if we get it just right, this club could spread out past the walls of our school and become clubs in other schools too, if this takes off we are going places guys.

p.s. could not make it to podcast today going to cousins house to party

Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy Friday

Today was a very awkward day as members of project podcast were to look professional for Club day, however upon leaving 4th period they made an annoucement over the P.A. that it was moved to tuesday so we all got dressed up for nothing but at least we managed to get a podcast out at least with special guest Bryan Nguyen (also don't trust a dollar a round money matches i must have lost at least 29 bucks today)

Contact Information / Applications

If any of you reading this are members, then you've probably seen the About/Contact page in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Scroll the bottom and you'll see the list of current editors we have for the blog. What the concern really is that we need contact information for anybody that is an editor/writer for the blog or will be doing so in the near future. So if a reader spots a typo or error within a post, then they have the power to email directly to the poster or email any of us so it can be taken care of.

So if any of you be so kind to please send me your contact information @ school or via email.
My email is found in the contact page already so just forward the message to that address.

AND IF YOU READERS FROM ANDREW HILL WOULD LIKE A POSITION AS AN EDITOR FOR THIS BLOG THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME OR DANIEL WITH PROOF OF CONCEPT THAT YOU ARE AN ABLE WRITER, ESPECIALLY YOU JOURNALISM MEMBERS. Daniel and I will be personally judging your performance based on having no form of personal bias or slanderous comments as well as grammatical precision and accuracy. The members of PP7 will also be able to read (if they choose to) and determine whether or not you are 'worthy' of this enterprise that is called Project Podcast....nah, We'll probably take you anyway if your up to the task. PLUS you'll need to allocate some amount of time (probably 1~3 hours) for the blog. It's not something we demand in particular, but will give you enough time as a writer, to conjure up some thoughts that will satisfy the readers and leave them wanting more...I think ;)

Signup sheets for membership (not editor spots) will be available during Friday's [2010.10.01] club day. Exact table location is still unknown. Just look for the huge Project Podcast banner. It stands out pretty well