Friday, October 1, 2010

Contact Information / Applications

If any of you reading this are members, then you've probably seen the About/Contact page in the navigation bar at the top of the page. Scroll the bottom and you'll see the list of current editors we have for the blog. What the concern really is that we need contact information for anybody that is an editor/writer for the blog or will be doing so in the near future. So if a reader spots a typo or error within a post, then they have the power to email directly to the poster or email any of us so it can be taken care of.

So if any of you be so kind to please send me your contact information @ school or via email.
My email is found in the contact page already so just forward the message to that address.

AND IF YOU READERS FROM ANDREW HILL WOULD LIKE A POSITION AS AN EDITOR FOR THIS BLOG THEN PLEASE EMAIL ME OR DANIEL WITH PROOF OF CONCEPT THAT YOU ARE AN ABLE WRITER, ESPECIALLY YOU JOURNALISM MEMBERS. Daniel and I will be personally judging your performance based on having no form of personal bias or slanderous comments as well as grammatical precision and accuracy. The members of PP7 will also be able to read (if they choose to) and determine whether or not you are 'worthy' of this enterprise that is called Project Podcast....nah, We'll probably take you anyway if your up to the task. PLUS you'll need to allocate some amount of time (probably 1~3 hours) for the blog. It's not something we demand in particular, but will give you enough time as a writer, to conjure up some thoughts that will satisfy the readers and leave them wanting more...I think ;)

Signup sheets for membership (not editor spots) will be available during Friday's [2010.10.01] club day. Exact table location is still unknown. Just look for the huge Project Podcast banner. It stands out pretty well

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