Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hell it's about damn time

Holy cow, it is raining for the very first time down here and that gave me ideas for topics on the podcast as well as being able to stay inside and brainstorm, other then that we gotta find a way to pull the club out of the rut we're in , anyway here are some possible topics to talk about on the skypecast which i somehow evidently linked it to modern society so i guess Chris was kinda right.


-The difference between cartoons/comic books & anime/manga

-Books, are they going to be obsolete?

-genrations to come, how will they see us?

-modern tech. are they the cause of, or solution to this gnerations problems

-potpourri (not the smelly stuff)

-Pirates V.S. Ninjas, the eternal battle

-The school system


-Cars that run without gas?

-Movies (again)

-Television, the picture box, the boob tube

-the genre of horror

well thats all i got for now, if you got anything else to tell me my email is
i will try to check on it often for it keeps getting filled up with junk mail :(

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