Friday, October 15, 2010

iEtherPad and Real-time Collaboration

I mentioned this service a while back on Facebook. iEtherPad is literally like a multiplayer Notepad. Users can edit a single document all in realtime. Changes made will be visible to the other editors in a somewhat live/realtime setting, so grammatical changes can be instantly be upheld without having to refresh the page.

The whole point of me creating an iEtherPad for Project Podcast is so everyone can work together to create a single, wholesome set of show notes, so that no one has to make their own version that might be significantly different. This allows all users to help revise each of their own ideas into a fused set so that some of each members' ideas can be spoken, or otherwise mentioned in the podcast. Pretty much the best of all worlds :)

The only catch with this is that I have to invite/create accounts for those that wish to be a collaborator for show notes. I already have a handful of people (Tiffany Truong, Vu Nguyen, and Victor Nguyen) along with support from people who do not have an account (Tony Tran), for I set a password so no outsiders can enter and vandalize the notes or worse...completely wipe them out. (Thank goodness for saved revisions).

So if you are interested, then drop me an email ( and I'll see to it that you get a spot as a collaborator for the podcasts!

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