Sunday, October 31, 2010

Medal Of Honor Is Good [Review]

Although it came out about three weeks ago, I still enjoy this game more than MW2. At least there isn't any campers. The gameplay of the game overall is quite better than MW2...... By a little. The game itself to me is two games in total because of the two developers, for campaign and multi. DICE does do a good job on the enviorments and the play. There are many flaws in it also. There are campers, and when I first played it, I got powned by guys who got it at midnight, and happened to get the sniper rifle with scope. I accept the campers because in shooters nowadays will ALWAYS have one guy sitting in the corner with a shotgun. So the multiplayer is a little better than MW2 in my opinion. Now, the campaign on the other hand, is just plain different. I beated it in about four to six hours. There isn't much to do in it, but it gives you the joy of taking out Alqueda with a helicopter. Most of the trailers and news you saw about this game is mostly promises not granted. There is some vehicle play, but not much. Only in the fourth or maybe sixth level you only get to play. The story is you take on I think four guys who are just awesome in killing terrorists. There's the wolfpack, rangers, and the other two I forgot or didn't even know I was playing as them. If you've actually been reading this, the ending is Rabbit from Wolfpack I think dies. The end credits is an honor to the men and women to the U.S. Military. Kinda funny because you know it was banned for sale in military bases. Overall, the campaign is driven by epic moments like when you finally get to play as the rangers and a bunch of BOOMS and AAARGGGHHHS happen. It's good, but it is like MW2 when you have no idea what is happening and all you do is pointless shooting and killing. Just the reason why you probably bought it in the first place. If you like shooters, you might want to rent it first, then buy if you like it.

Overall: 8/10

You'll LIKE:
Epic moments
Less Campers and Hacks

You'll HATE:
You can beat it pretty easily

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