Thursday, October 21, 2010

Migraines the size of the Titanic,Then News & topics

Well today was certainly not the best of my days, still really confused on graphing quadratic formulas and viet class feels like a nap time kind of class while having a very crappy time in chmeistry but other then that some good come out of here today. Me and the pres. have been talking and we thought of a new segment obviously called "Dontcha hate it?" and i think its kind of self explanatory, on the other note we're still trying to find out a way to get some public notice at least to the school that is and we tried that by being annouced on the P.A. system, how we will be able to do that i don't know but until then lets keep hoping we finally get some listeners after like a month in the club.

But then some news or topics on the SKYPEcast tomorrow:

- Our club status so far
How far have we gone in the past 2 months?

- Will "Dontcha hate it" take off?
A segment where we point out the blatant things...well that we hate!

- Tech problems with the podcast
Of course, why our podcast is technologically inferior.

- Member and group management
Something that has to be dealt tomorrow in the meeting.

- What is it with Mach and the Falcon punch for f%$ks sake?
I mean come on, is it really that offensive now?

- Migraines (ugh)
Epically painful headaches that occur on one side of the head. Symptoms maybe nausea and vomiting as well as dizziness and dazed vision.

- Limits on the SKYPEcast time table (may contain a bit of rage if none)

- Where's the money for the school?
I think we can point that out to you guys.

- Bathrooms in our school
Will they be renovated for a more cleaner and sanitary look?

- How to get our club noticed?
Propaganda, advertisements, publicity stunts, etc...

- *NEW* lets talk about our new openers and theme music
It's here...and it'll be coming to each podcast.

- Is our school [district] on the chopping block?
|Translation| Is our school [district] on it's way to cutting 90% of all programs?

- The dress code: is it full of BS?
Do we REALLY need it?

- Johnny law at our school

- Gangs, are they really out there?

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