Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Wow, haven't made a post in a while, anyways I guess I'll make a post updating on what's happening with the club and all, right now the project that will be partaking in the coming weeks for the club is to try and set up groups, each going on with their own different topics and discussions. Though this may be challenging as I am not in any way familiar with people managing skills. I hope for the best of this project, but I am going to enunciate this, these groups are going to be their own podcast group, and will either release on the official Project Podcast iTunes page, or on their own podcast group if they wish. Here's how most of the main rules and guidelines for the topic discussions (think of them as challenges):

- Any recording must present show notes to evaluate topics more efficiently.
- Each topic must be presented with a discussion with no more than 7 minutes.
- Each topic should be appealing to a wider audience rather than a small group (so no gossip of friends and whatnot).
- Each topic should represent a sanctity of interest.
- Each intro and outro should be planned and written out, as well what topics are going to be discussed.
- Each topic must have a determined time limit beforehand.
- Recording will have a strict time limit of 20 - 40 minutes (the threshold of listening and not getting really bored).
- Be civil, but not too civil, I can just cut and bleep things out with the magic of sound booth.
- Any special forms of editing must be written down and provided with the recording file (i.e. special types of bleeps, deletion of certain sentences)
- Each group should have a single note taker writing down notes through the discussion, talking is not prohibited to him/her.

With that those are the guidelines, they get pretty complicated at first but they'll form the basis of most of the recording. Group Proposal Forms will be available every Friday at lunch in the usual meeting room. The form will just be a take-home form that requires:

- A group name
- Names of member (6 maximum)
- Topics (4 maximum)
- How the topics are explored
- Sources (1 or more) (3 recommended)
- Names of members comfortable with talking
- Names of members comfortable with writing
- Where to record (the clubroom is an option)

I also want to bring out whats been going on as if right now with the recording. There has not been any topics that has been able to be picked up on (cultural school news is hard to find!). Not much interesting things going on, so next week, school topics will have to be hunted down. Some common interests are interviews with club officers, as well as student council officers. Any other topics that people find interesting can be email to the project podcast email, and will be evaluated and researched on. That concludes what really has to be said, I hope things will go better in the future both for the better of the club and its members. This is the president of Project Podcast signing out.

Dan (Project Podcast)

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