Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project Podcast Episode 1 - Events of October

Finally going about to do our first OFFICIAL iTunes release of Project Podcast, just going about with an of ASB Vice President Bryan Nguyen, just to talk about the events of October for Andrew P. Hill High School that were in the planner, just a short listen about nine minutes.

Click on the Title or access our iTunes page to give it a listen.

For a note: there will be a podcast about what happened during the postponement of Club Day so look forward to it!

[01:00] Homecoming Court Apps
[01:38] Back to School Night
[02:08] Homecoming Rally
[02:56] Homecoming Dance
[03:43] Hill Academy Halloween Potluck
[04:24] Homecoming Game
[04:50] Spirit Week (For Monday, Thursday, Friday)
[05:30] Class Colors

Host: Daniel Wu (Project Podcast President/Chief Editor)
Guest: Bryan Nguyen (ASB Vice President of A. Hill)
Other Appearances... Bryan Nagar (Project Podcast Vice President/Managing Editor)

Producer: Daniel Wu
Music By: Kevin Macleod

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