Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project Podcast Pre-Production-Cast - 2010.10.01

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Well...Daniel fell asleep so I went ahead and did the Post Production Podcast without him. Students, Victor Nguyen, Eric Rom, Christ Vo, Eric Chiang, and Christopher Kuwatani (did not talk) joined me in a discussion about the podcast recording during lunch of Friday, October 1st. We also highlighted some other topics yet to be covered in a later podcast, but hinted in this one. :)

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, Eric Rom, Christ Vo, and Christopher Kuwatani (SILENT)
Producer: Bryan Nagar

[01:25] The Good, The Bad, and The Well as Improvements
[03:54] Gaps
[05:29] Guests for Future Shows
[09:45] Interviews With Other Clubs
[14:00] Staff Members
[17:54] Coverage of Homecoming and Potency of the Club
[19:55] Planner and Yearbook Rant

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