Saturday, October 23, 2010

Project Skypecast 006 - I'm Making a Note Here, Huge Success... [2010.10.18]

I know you were looking forward for episode six, and here it is. Gather 'round your computer screen to listen to the almighty Skypecast of a group of students just voicing their uncensored opinions about stuff like: Possible Segments, Dead Stars Back to Life, and Kick-ass Modes of Transportation.

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen, J.J. Wanda, and Oscar Majano
Other Appearences: Stefan Nguyen

Producer: Bryan Nagar
Music: Intro // 8-Bit Still Alive MIDI || Interlude // GLADoS - Still Alive || Outro // Chiptune Still Alive

Listen to the Skypecast

Download The Skypecast

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