Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time to Myself: Why Do People Attend Dances?

Lately I've been thinking to myself while I was playing Fallout: New Vegas, taking a shower, getting ready for Homecoming Dance. Why do people go to these dances, of course I was over thinking it but maybe there is more to it than just an event where people gather, or is it? I've asked this one question: Why did you come?. And I got a plethora of different answers, well actually just a few, I forgot to go on about asking the question as soon as I heard Bulletproof playing playing in the gym. But really, what is the whole idea of going to a dance, is it just a social gathering or is it more of a physical sport/event? Now I did ask a few select people, of course they'll be anonymous and here are their reasons:

"Because I have a date"
"Because it's fun"(?)
"To see some hot guys dance"
"For the a** and the t**s"
"To meet new people"

The first one suggests that someone has a date, and if one doesn't have a date, s/he would not have come to the dance to begin with. Does that just mean it is an excuse for coming to the dance? Maybe, but there are a few things that come to mind when I dwell deeper into this matter, would this be more of a social gathering than a celebration of homecoming. Does this all involve a level of school spirit, or do all of these things just encourage one to go outside? And I'll be truthful I WOULD NOT HAVE COME OUTSIDE if it was not for the dance. And of course I was pondering on why I would have wanted to go to the dance in the first place, when I was forcing myself to go, well there is two different reasons for two different events preceding going to the dance: One was the reason for buying the ticket which would be because of the sentimental value of going to the Homecoming dance every year (I went the past two years. The second reason was because I did not want to waste $8 (call me frugal), but that just brings up the question: Why did I go the past two years? Was the reason because my friends went? Was it because I felt like killing time? I honestly do not know what were my reasons for going, I'm pretty sure the reason was for going out with my friends (YES I HAVE FRIENDS!!!). Are these social events just an excuse to go outside I always wonder to myself. If I look at it at a different perspective then it is just a social gathering to meet strangers and new people, which is not a bad thing. But I keep pondering as my mind is so bent up upon these matters, what is the true reason for going to these social events? Is the reason just a subconscious barrier as a reason to go out, or is it a method of dealing with stress or some other matter? I do not know why someone must meet new people or why people find dancing as entertaining when it is with total strangers. I did find the laser show to be attractive though, along with the fog machine the whole thing looked awesome. But as I type these this post down, I find my mind is going around in circles as to the reason for going to the dance, I'm certainly not against going out to these social events but I am "just wondering". This is just what is one my mind as this is a Time to Myself.

Maybe I just went to verify whether I have friends or not, rather pessimistic but it seems a bit logically in a subconscious standpoint... AND WITH THAT, LET'S DO A VIDEO GAME REVIEW!

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