Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's possible topics

During the SKYPEcast me and Bryan and others normally run out of topics to talk about and so i have been trying to find out some topics to talk about during the skypecast so that we don't bore our listeners with stark silence.

Here are some of todays suggestions:

-Wth is "The Matrix"?

-How to identify and avoid a troll

-the internet! is it more then just for porn and piracy


-More horror stuff

-Mr. Mach's boat project

-cellphones: annoying in class but a neccessity

-Gaming (probraly not, not yet at least)

-Cartoons (maybe)

-Anime (maybe)

-Online sensations: are you the next star?

-Mass Effect.......Dragon Age.......Uhh.....

-The right to bear arms, yes or no?

-The Mighty badasses of the film world (I.E. Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal,etc.)

-What if dead stars were still alive today?

-Modes of transportation:which would you rather have?

well i do have more but i'll save that for another day, meanwhile i've come up with a few new possible segments of both the SKYPEcast and the school podcast

-letters from the fans (a classic)

-advice to the people (hopefully no cyberbullying, and personal bashing about us)

-Reviews (all form of media: books,shows,movies)

-rumour mill (like inside gaming only in our kind of way)

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