Thursday, October 7, 2010

Upcoming: Events for October

October Events and Such....well at least some of them.

So on Friday, we had our little interview podcast with ASB Vice President, Bryan Nguyen, in which coincidentally, I am also a Vice President and my name is also Bryan...with a Y. It's all a gimmick! No I'm just playing with you. So on to the more important breaking news of the month!

During Daniel's little 6 minute interview I, as the note taker wrote down the important key parts of it. Even if they pointed out the obvious stuff, it was hard to quickly interpret voice to paper since they were buzzing through all the topics. Then again...I can just listen to the podcast again HAHA! Along with the podcast notes. ASB President Lindsey Nguyen (who is Bryan's sister) setup the facebook page with more elaborate information (I suppose) about the upcoming homecoming.

[Thursday, October 7th]

Back To School Night

Location: Cafetorium {Arts/Foreign Language}
Small Gym {Science Department}
Large Gym {English and Math}
Time: 5~9PM

So, first order of business, BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT; The night where parents get to meet their students' teachers and discuss their grades and overall potential for the remainder of the school year. This event is aimed for most students grades 9 through 12.

[Friday, October 29th]
Taking place simultaneously with homecoming is the Hill Academy Potluck. Unfortunately, according to Bryan, ASB doesn't handle events from Hill Academy and mentioned that Booster Club manages that event. So we'll have to cover that sooner or later.

[Last week of October, 25th thru 30th]
Finally off we have the most prominent event series of October, Homecoming. These events break into three separate parts; The Homecoming Rally, Homecoming Football Game, and the Homecoming Dance. Preceding the Homecoming triad will be a 'Spirit Week'. I am sure most of you know about our Spirit Weeks, so let me give you readers the rundown of the Homecoming Spirit Week (or what it is so far)


Tryouts for the anthem will be held on the 11th through 15th during lunch in portable C4

  1. Monday - Twin Day -Dress up in identical clothing with your so called "twin"
  2. Tuesday - 80s Day -Fashion style of the eighties...Original Jams, Baja Hoodies, Jumpsuits etc...-
  3. Wednesday - Super-Hero Day -Well....dress up like a super hero I guess...what more?-
  4. Thursday - Class Colors / Rally Theme -Freshman: Orange || Sophomores: Yellow || Juniors: Green || Seniors: Purple-
  5. Friday - Rally Theme Day (AKA Costume Day) -DRESS IN YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME OR RALLY THEME-
Speaking of rally themes...I shall give you the themes for this year's homecoming

  • Freshmen - Despicable Me (Minions)
  • Sophomores - Monsters INC.
  • Juniors - Coraline [Link 2]
  • Seniors - Scooby Doo

  • It's pretty easy replicating a theme for Despicable Me, Monsters INC., and Scooby-Doo...but I don't know about Coraline. The overall theme and look is a bit...vague, plus there aren't that many costumes that revolve around Coraline...

    HOMECOMING GAME [October 29th]
    Andrew P. Hill vs. Santa Teresa
    JV -- 4:30PM || Varsity -- 7:00PM

    Oh we go. Even though this really isn't suppose to be oriented towards an editorial but...I know we're going to lose. After the last few games, I really am skeptical towards winning, but who knows, I might be wrong and we'll pull off a miracle since it's homecoming! Good luck Falcons!

    Dance Theme: "A Night to DIE For"
    Date: Sat. October 30th
    Location: Large Gym
    Time: 8-11PM
    Price: $6 w/ ASB || $8 without
    Homecoming Dance Sales: Buy it starting October 11th!
    Guest Passes: Oct. 11th [Price N/A]

    A note for those contending for homecoming court. The applications are due on the 8th...which isn't a long way from now (Friday), and voting starts on the 11th up until the 21st.

    [via:ASB Vice President Bryan Nguyen, Homecoming Page @ Facebook]

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