Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vidya Gaem HyPEview: Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) [Review]

Sure call me a nerd, but the whole idea of having a massive "world" built into a computer rig or a video game console just makes me feel warm in the heart, in fact it turns me on as I can play god and do whatever I want, whenever I want. And I also preordered the Collector's Edition which means, not only do I get Video Game memorabilia, but also I get exclusive content that people that bought it regularly are not entitled to it at all. Bought the GameStop version so I got the Classic Pack, comes with Vault 13 Armor, a Weathered 10mm, and a Trusty Canteen (Also some Stimpacks, but that's a given). Also do not forget I got the Collector's Edition, don't believe me? Have a look-see at this picture (cr*ptized) from a Nokia Phone (not cr*ptized, it looks slick, Nokia Intrigue).
Along with the epic cards, chips, and book, you get the "Making Of" BluRay which I'll never watch...

Believe me now? No not the phone, me owning the Collector's Edition? Not included in the pack are the weird kitchen tupperware, and the tablecloth (not really cloth it's plastic, so... Tableplast?). Sure I got the edition that is inferior to the 360 and PC Version, but I'll get my DLCs eventually (I'll wait 'till the end of time for PS3 DLCs Bethesda!), and I can overlook the minor graphical defects, even if it's major I won't hate the PS3 version, why? Because I paid full price for my PS3 and I don't plan on spending more money on a 360 Slim (or whatever they call the remodeled version) and also the monthly/yearly online subscription, CALL ME FRUGAL. Just in case anyone is crying out there about not preordering the game, MOST OF THE INGAME ITEMS ARE USELESS AFTER A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME, aside from the canteen (which replenishes your H20 level buy a small margin involuntarily, should you play on hardcore mode), the weathered 10mm, and the armored vault 13 outfit become useless later in the game as you level up, so think of these things as a plus when you first start (I never used the Weathered 10mm anyways as I thought it would not be repairable, the Vault 13 suit is not, until you get a certain perk, but that's only at the level where you will start to find better equipment). And even if it isn't the GameStop version, all the other versions like the Best Buy's Mercenary Pack, or Steam's Caravan Pack or even Amazon's Tribal Pack (Bleh...) are all useless given the amount of time you spent on it. All these exclusive things really do not matter when it becomes useless. So I'll do a review later along with screenshots of the game (if I want to manage the time hooking the PS3 to the Laptop), 'till then I'll just mess around with the Collector's Edition that I probably will not touch again in a matter of months, it was an extra $20 to prove my geekness to Bethesda what can I say?

Yet I don't even get the Collector's Edition Game Guide ($80 + $35 = $115?!?!), milking out the collector editions, aye? What a pain...

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