Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks for Giving Thanks

Well it is almost Thanksgiving here in our humble city that is San Jose. I would like to greet anybody who reads our blog a happy Thanksgiving. That and they must ditch their dinner and head straight for a store because it's almost BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!! Ahem, well other than that, I might be hosting a special Thanksgiving Skypecast (though I think it is unnecessary?) to foreshadow the upcoming hype of the Black Friday festivities. The only logical reason for me conveying all of this madness into a podcast is to brag about certain deals to look out for once that 5AM bell rings and people start mauling each other for the goods they want, but don't really need (American Consumerism at it's finest eh?). Well, just look out for that notice on the blog that'll say "Skypecast Live! Special Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Skypecast 009 - 011 (oh god)

It's been a while....a long while, but nonetheless I am here to put up the 2 missing episodes of the Skypecast. Long overdue, and not worth the wait, for most of it was pointless banter. Though I think the catchers were the music selection...but that's just me.

Episode 009 - Carbon Machinery

Episode nine started off rather randomly. It began all one night and a game of Osu...the pointless banter I was foreshadowing about, but later on it finally settled down and we had a discussion that had barely enough sense to call it a podcast. Stuff to point out: Rant on the Osu chat commune, Customer Service, Vu's Mac OSX notebook vs. Windows notebook, music licensing and take downs on Youtube, Vu's project to change the world (BioTech), Payin' for college

Download the Podcast

Episode 11 - Rhythm & Beats

Here is episode 11! The second part of our epic epitome of controversial episode releases! A special podcast that spans a lifetime of fulfilling mysteries! (that was all a lie by the way) But our topics span a three week time period scrunched into a one hour time period. Some of those topics to highlight: Psychedelic Music, Indie vs Mainstream, Satirical hyperboles, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, PARKOUR

Download the Podcast

Unknown fate

Its has been several weeks since i left Andrew hill and my mind has been slowly going into a state of madness, metaphorically speaking of course but i miss going to school there. But i had just recently learned that i am on probation and i do not know what to do, also i made a new friend in the academy im at how is suffering the same fate that i am, i also notice that progress seemed to have slowed at the club since i left and no new podcast had been release recently or if the club is going on at all please contact me to let me know whats going on.

P.S. Happy Holiday everyone!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Victor Nguyen vs the School Board

Phfft like i'm gonna get my own parody with that title.... anywho i just recently had my hearing and i don't think that it went so well, they reviewed everyones testimony including my own and i had to go answer a serie of questions from the panel and to believe that we were all being recorded is actually not that surprising but the ending staement of Mr. Flores was the one that really got me, i think i should tell everyone this in the next podcast, someone contact me if we're going to have another. plz n thank you

p.s. someone get john to return my modern warfre 2 dammit its been 4 weeks

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY: A Brief History On One Of The Busiest Shopping Days Of The Year

As you may know, Black Friday is coming around the corner of next week and I bet you're probably gonna do something on that day. Walmart, Target and Best Buy are one of the most busiest retailers on that day. The term "Black Friday" originally came from Philadelphia from their police departments marking the first day of the holiday shopping season and the day were traffic jams and overcrowded street walks. It was a widespread word after a newspaper from Philadelphia after it was involved with the holiday traffic and the Army vs. Navy football game. Retailers then found a way to make money. That Friday was the day that mostly everyone is off from work. Although it is not the most profitable day, it is always around the highest. It could also save retailers who were non-profitable from the January-to-November season to make profit during the holidays. I could possibly bring the store from the red ink (which was financial loss) into black ink (profit). Every year from the craziness, however, there are a bunch of people who get killed every year. Walmart workers and shoppers are sometimes trampled to death from the door opening.
Now, since were talking about Black Friday, this year's deals so far are video games. If you like Xbox, you should probably go to Toys'R'Us as they have a sale where you can get selected games for $5 if you buy one of the selected games. If you are a Sony guy trying to expand your library, look at Walmart as they have really good games like Modern Warfare for $10. Also look at the link for more info on this year's holiday shopping spree.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pathfinder community school

only 60 students, off the side of the road, and is so much better then our school but for the wrong reasons, I've better get out of there fast!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pod(Skype)cast Live! @ 5:20PM PST

Yes, we have yet another exciting episode of the Project Podcast Skypecast...though I think it should really be called the "Project Podcast Podcast" since we haven't had an actual in-school recording due to busy people and active time constraints; That and this is our only alternative.

So we have another off-school-topic discussion today, which is music. Here is a few topic suggestions I came up with (though it necessarily doesn't have to be followed ;))

  • Different types of music
  • Mainstream or Indie?
  • Vocals or instrumentals?
  • Good artists nowadays?
  • Recommendations....anyone?
Catch us on UStream via the Ustream page up in the navigation bar!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Expert says single-gender schools can promote learning

Image hosted by
Helen L. Montoya/Express-News
Gina Rea, the chair of the religion department at the all-boys Central Catholic High School, has transformed assignments into quests to cultivate a sense of accomplishment in her male students.

Rea and other educators at the school have been implementing tips offered by Kelley King, an author and expert on single-gender education. King began working with Central Catholic teachers in August and revisited the school last week to help staff members fine-tune their teaching for boys. Central Catholic is one of a handful of single-gender schools in San Antonio, most of which are private schools."

[Read the article via San Antonio News]

Sunday, November 7, 2010

For 7-year-old Riley Niksich, online classes provide a challenge

Image hosted by
REX C. CURRY/Special Contributor

Riley Niksich is a classroom teacher's nightmare, but in a good way: He's 7 years old, but ready for third-grade work. He loves to ask questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions.

After a year of home schooling, his parents decided that it would be best for Riley – and for his potential teacher and classmates – to find an alternative to a brick-and-mortar school, where he'd either be bored in second grade or one of the youngest kids in a third-grade classroom.

[Read the article via Dallas News]

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Texas Students Making Up Credits Online

Image hosted by
Caleb Bryant Miller/The Texas Tribune

Now this is something I've never seen before. Students in Texas who attend high school can now make up credits for classes they've failed over the internet. This program is one of many that reflects an ongoing trend that is happening around Texas as well as the entire country (though I've never heard of a program like this ever existing in California).

Topic Time!

While i am still at home i might as well post up some possible topics for other podcasts and stuff for the other members of the club

-The Kinect
Introducing Microsoft's newest controller for the Xbox 360: YOU!

What does it mean to be a super hero, After watching several superhero movies over the course of my suspension, the lines between Justice and Injustice is blurred to me, although Batman and Robin with George Clooney and Arnold was my Favorite live action Batman movie

-What happened to Vampires (and other monsters)
I liked it better when they could turn into bats, and burn in the face of the morning sun and they don't sparkle in it

-The Amazing boat race
smell the sarcasm there, seriously what is going on out there?

-Viva La Revolution
It has come to my understanding that more members of the club are starting to chat with us on skype, most notably was our good friend from the previous gaming podcast ,Tiffany Truong who was with you guys on a previous podcast rather than typing with us, hopefully more people will join in

-(Early) Holiday Gift guide
Its the holiday season now, The most joyous of holidays and of course one of the most dangerous due to the devilish sport of Gift shopping, To help you avoid from being pummeled into a lightly thin paste on the side of the store, we would gladly set up our own personal gift guide to help you avoid any fatalities this holiday season and to help find you the perfect gift for your friend or family and i think Bryan could help a lot of you out there finding cheap or even free stuff if you're a penny pincher.


(Product name)
(price)(special sets,etc.)
(brief description)

For games however

(Product Name) (console)
(Price) (game alone or bundle)

-Does anyone still watch T.V.
cause Bryan says all you need is a computer screen

-Punishment moves at a snails pace
Its has been weeks since i brandished that knife on Benson and i am still not back at Andrew Hill the punishment was originally a week suspension but later that spiraled out of control down to the point where i am on the verge of expulsion but i have been waiting several weeks for an answer seriously could they be any slower?

-Bizarre foods
courtesy of Andrew Zimmern

-Tools of destruction
Hell hath no fury like the one i will unleash upon my foes
(The Supernova)(The R.Y.N.O.)(The Pyro's Flamethrower, etc.)

-Something about costumes and cosplay

I Shall Serve Forever

Wow i have been in hiatus for quite a while but i am still here and willing to do a podcast with you guys and well guess what, i'm out for another few weeks and i will have to attend a temp. school to get some education, on the other note i do have a chance of staying at andrew hill, but no promises, on another note the time where i will come back will either be the 22nd of November or mid December

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's Starting to Look Like a QUADRUPLE Skypecast.... [Episodes 8, 9, 10, and 11!]

Well I've been taking an unannounced vacation from producing and Skypecast episodes this past week, but I AM BACK, and with my return I will be popping out 3 more episodes of the Skypecast so the world can hear our beautiful voices! So check back later both here and the Skypecast page for the next four episodes!

By the way, that fourth episode is actually going to be done today, so CATCH US LIVE ON USTREAM @ 5:20PM [Pacific Standard Time]

Host will not be me (GASP!), but Tiffany Truong! Isn't this amazing? We're finally gaining ground.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SAT Chemistry - What You Need to Know about the SAT Chemistry Test - Take the SAT Chemistry Test

[via Chemistry.About]

The SAT Chemistry subject test will be held this Saturday nationwide. What is the SAT Chem. Test? The SAT Chem. Test is a single-subject test taken to showcase your proficiency in Chemistry.

Here are some general facts about the test itself:

  • One hour long
  • 85 Multiple Choice questions.
  • Test is given in October, November , December , January, May, and June
  • Calculators are FORBIDDEN
  • A periodic table is provided.
  • ALL units are metric (e.g. grams, meter, and liter)
  • Only simple numerical calculations are required.
  • Scoring is from 200-800, though you do not need to get all the questions correct to get a perfect score.

Future teachers must show, not just tell, skills

[via KiiiTV]

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Standing at the edge of a pond surrounded by her class of fourth-graders, Jasmine Zeppa filled a bucket with brown water and lectured her pupils on the science of observing and recording data. Many of the children seemed more interested in nearby geese, a passing jogger and the crunchy leaves underfoot.

Zeppa's own professor from St. Catherine University stood nearby and recorded video of it all.

"I think it went as well as it possibly could have, given her experience," the professor, Susan Gibbs Goetz, said. Her snap review: The 25-year-old Zeppa could have done a better job holding the students' attention, but did well building on past lessons.

Zeppa is among the first class of aspiring teachers who are getting ready for new, more demanding requirements to receive their teacher license. A new licensing system is being tested in 19 states that includes filming student teachers in their classroom and evaluating the video, also candidates must show they can prepare a lesson, tailor it to different levels of students and present it effectively.

Teacher Magazine: The Perfect Co-Teaching Scenario

[via TEACHER magazine]

Imagine not having your own room at school. Imagine each hour of the day you bounce from classroom to classroom—from algebra to history to science to social studies. In each room, you assume a different role. Sometimes, you actually get to teach. Other times, you sit in the back, taking notes. In still other scenarios, you wander the aisles, helping students focus or complete assignments. Students are often confused about your role, not sure if you are a teacher, an aide, whether you have the same 'authority' and clout as the 'real' teacher.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Skypecast on Tuesday @ 5:20PM PST! [Homecoming]

Tomorrow we will have a fine show for you, for it will all be about our Homecoming Rally! (as well as the Football Game and Dance) Though I didn't go to the game or the dance, I'll be joined by the usual co-host, J.J. Wanda, Commisioner of Rallies Tiffany Truong、 and Benjamin Esteves to discuss some of the notable things from the Rally. We'll do recordings for the game and Dance at a later date, or maybe later after THIS recording! So tune in @ our UStream Page. Unfortunately Victor Nguyen is out on suspension leave.

Show notes:
  • Rally Lip sync
  • ASB Skit
  • Music/Audio Problems
  • Class Skits
  • Absence of games
  • Acknowledgement of sports teams