Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BLACK FRIDAY: A Brief History On One Of The Busiest Shopping Days Of The Year

As you may know, Black Friday is coming around the corner of next week and I bet you're probably gonna do something on that day. Walmart, Target and Best Buy are one of the most busiest retailers on that day. The term "Black Friday" originally came from Philadelphia from their police departments marking the first day of the holiday shopping season and the day were traffic jams and overcrowded street walks. It was a widespread word after a newspaper from Philadelphia after it was involved with the holiday traffic and the Army vs. Navy football game. Retailers then found a way to make money. That Friday was the day that mostly everyone is off from work. Although it is not the most profitable day, it is always around the highest. It could also save retailers who were non-profitable from the January-to-November season to make profit during the holidays. I could possibly bring the store from the red ink (which was financial loss) into black ink (profit). Every year from the craziness, however, there are a bunch of people who get killed every year. Walmart workers and shoppers are sometimes trampled to death from the door opening.
Now, since were talking about Black Friday, this year's deals so far are video games. If you like Xbox, you should probably go to Toys'R'Us as they have a sale where you can get selected games for $5 if you buy one of the selected games. If you are a Sony guy trying to expand your library, look at Walmart as they have really good games like Modern Warfare for $10. Also look at the link for more info on this year's holiday shopping spree.

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