Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Skypecast 009 - 011 (oh god)

It's been a while....a long while, but nonetheless I am here to put up the 2 missing episodes of the Skypecast. Long overdue, and not worth the wait, for most of it was pointless banter. Though I think the catchers were the music selection...but that's just me.

Episode 009 - Carbon Machinery

Episode nine started off rather randomly. It began all one night and a game of Osu...the pointless banter I was foreshadowing about, but later on it finally settled down and we had a discussion that had barely enough sense to call it a podcast. Stuff to point out: Rant on the Osu chat commune, Customer Service, Vu's Mac OSX notebook vs. Windows notebook, music licensing and take downs on Youtube, Vu's project to change the world (BioTech), Payin' for college

Download the Podcast

Episode 11 - Rhythm & Beats

Here is episode 11! The second part of our epic epitome of controversial episode releases! A special podcast that spans a lifetime of fulfilling mysteries! (that was all a lie by the way) But our topics span a three week time period scrunched into a one hour time period. Some of those topics to highlight: Psychedelic Music, Indie vs Mainstream, Satirical hyperboles, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, PARKOUR

Download the Podcast

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