Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SAT Chemistry - What You Need to Know about the SAT Chemistry Test - Take the SAT Chemistry Test

[via Chemistry.About]

The SAT Chemistry subject test will be held this Saturday nationwide. What is the SAT Chem. Test? The SAT Chem. Test is a single-subject test taken to showcase your proficiency in Chemistry.

Here are some general facts about the test itself:

  • One hour long
  • 85 Multiple Choice questions.
  • Test is given in October, November , December , January, May, and June
  • Calculators are FORBIDDEN
  • A periodic table is provided.
  • ALL units are metric (e.g. grams, meter, and liter)
  • Only simple numerical calculations are required.
  • Scoring is from 200-800, though you do not need to get all the questions correct to get a perfect score.

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