Monday, November 1, 2010

Skypecast on Tuesday @ 5:20PM PST! [Homecoming]

Tomorrow we will have a fine show for you, for it will all be about our Homecoming Rally! (as well as the Football Game and Dance) Though I didn't go to the game or the dance, I'll be joined by the usual co-host, J.J. Wanda, Commisioner of Rallies Tiffany Truong、 and Benjamin Esteves to discuss some of the notable things from the Rally. We'll do recordings for the game and Dance at a later date, or maybe later after THIS recording! So tune in @ our UStream Page. Unfortunately Victor Nguyen is out on suspension leave.

Show notes:
  • Rally Lip sync
  • ASB Skit
  • Music/Audio Problems
  • Class Skits
  • Absence of games
  • Acknowledgement of sports teams

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