Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks for Giving Thanks

Well it is almost Thanksgiving here in our humble city that is San Jose. I would like to greet anybody who reads our blog a happy Thanksgiving. That and they must ditch their dinner and head straight for a store because it's almost BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!!! Ahem, well other than that, I might be hosting a special Thanksgiving Skypecast (though I think it is unnecessary?) to foreshadow the upcoming hype of the Black Friday festivities. The only logical reason for me conveying all of this madness into a podcast is to brag about certain deals to look out for once that 5AM bell rings and people start mauling each other for the goods they want, but don't really need (American Consumerism at it's finest eh?). Well, just look out for that notice on the blog that'll say "Skypecast Live! Special Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving"

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