Friday, November 5, 2010

Topic Time!

While i am still at home i might as well post up some possible topics for other podcasts and stuff for the other members of the club

-The Kinect
Introducing Microsoft's newest controller for the Xbox 360: YOU!

What does it mean to be a super hero, After watching several superhero movies over the course of my suspension, the lines between Justice and Injustice is blurred to me, although Batman and Robin with George Clooney and Arnold was my Favorite live action Batman movie

-What happened to Vampires (and other monsters)
I liked it better when they could turn into bats, and burn in the face of the morning sun and they don't sparkle in it

-The Amazing boat race
smell the sarcasm there, seriously what is going on out there?

-Viva La Revolution
It has come to my understanding that more members of the club are starting to chat with us on skype, most notably was our good friend from the previous gaming podcast ,Tiffany Truong who was with you guys on a previous podcast rather than typing with us, hopefully more people will join in

-(Early) Holiday Gift guide
Its the holiday season now, The most joyous of holidays and of course one of the most dangerous due to the devilish sport of Gift shopping, To help you avoid from being pummeled into a lightly thin paste on the side of the store, we would gladly set up our own personal gift guide to help you avoid any fatalities this holiday season and to help find you the perfect gift for your friend or family and i think Bryan could help a lot of you out there finding cheap or even free stuff if you're a penny pincher.


(Product name)
(price)(special sets,etc.)
(brief description)

For games however

(Product Name) (console)
(Price) (game alone or bundle)

-Does anyone still watch T.V.
cause Bryan says all you need is a computer screen

-Punishment moves at a snails pace
Its has been weeks since i brandished that knife on Benson and i am still not back at Andrew Hill the punishment was originally a week suspension but later that spiraled out of control down to the point where i am on the verge of expulsion but i have been waiting several weeks for an answer seriously could they be any slower?

-Bizarre foods
courtesy of Andrew Zimmern

-Tools of destruction
Hell hath no fury like the one i will unleash upon my foes
(The Supernova)(The R.Y.N.O.)(The Pyro's Flamethrower, etc.)

-Something about costumes and cosplay

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