Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Making Project P Official

     So I had an experiment over the past week or so, and I found this to be quite fun, and entertaining. Playing games, and streaming online. So I'm announcing a Side Project dubbed "Project P". Not sure if I'm going to make this a regular thing, but it's pretty interactive and I find it entertaining, so I'll do it anyways. Now the quality isn't so great, but it's a start; I'm willing to improve the quality.

If I'm comfortable with it, might as well stream it, Welcome to Project P

L.A. or bust

going to los angelos tomorrow, be back on saturday, if anyone needs to call me, my cell is 832-1630

see ya in a few days,

p.s. I got a call from from Bryan last night i didn't answer cause i was at a relatives house plz try again later

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going insane, thinking of making a Project podcast webcomic

anyone? what its a great idea just look at Tycho and Gabe and various others (vgcats, roosterteeth, virtual shackles, etc.) they have been living some pretty successful lives too, plus i got some great ideas for t-shirts now i know we are a non profit organization (we're just a school club technically) and our prez may not exactly be on par with me but hey lets add a little flair to it and be comically successful on the net, just a thought heheheh.....

yeah i can draw but drawing facial expression, animations aren't exactly my forte so feel free to pop out any ideas you might have and go for it, who knows we might just be the next best thing.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Punishment may fit the crime....

but what if the punishment fueled the criminal? yeah ponder that for a while but while on the subject of punishment does anyone know anything around the school or anything that i can do for my 40 hours of community service so i can get back to andrew hill next year, hopefully at the school or anything you guys do for community service would be helpful, thx

, Victor

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Merry Christmas Eve!

From your friend Victor and his family, hope you all have a great holiday break!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Modern warfare 2

still can someone just tell john to get my damn modern warefare 2 back and at least give me forty bucks to boot either way send it back to me, my adress is 578 mountain home dr., anyone who is here for revenge well they got another thing coming

WAR Review - Initial D: Extreme Stage

Just passed the limit on Initial D: Extreme Stage, a game about a racing series popularized in Japan and here is my fatigued verdict, it's alright. Not only do things go well in the game, but everything handles pretty decent, and decent seems like an understatement, but that will have to do.

Initial D: Extreme Stage isn't a polished piece or work, nor does it have much to say about it's handling... because there almost no handling. It must be me, but there is even no need to have a break control in the game in the first place, neither is braking really a major factor in breaking through tight corners in the game, you can just steer and the car automatically drifts for you. Going at 50 km/h? Barely do a turn, you will skid. Do an unsharp 45 degree turn you'll still skid and drift. There isn't really much to the game unless you put on manual transmission and start counting the kilometers you're going.

The game is still challenging as shit, too. Turns are easy to do and hard to master, while that is a cliched term, it applies to the game immensely. Depth of the game goes as far as exploring different car brands and car models there are and experimenting with them by either tuning their parts up or modding the rims, body, muffler, paint, and spoilers. The tuning goes by levels, much like most standard racing games are, raise enough points? Go to level one in transmission upgrade and axle. But it isn't just limited to just saying level 1 and level 2 and so on, there are some things to learn in this game for those that aren't as enthusiastic on cars nor know the knowledge.

The car selection is limited but it's a start, there isn't really much to explore in terms of cars as there is only a maximum of 3 per profile and cars are available to put into your garage from the start of the game. No points are required to obtain new cars and start racing them, but there is not a huge difference in cars, they will do better given the car's transmission and drive placements, and that can vary from only about three to four selection.

This game is in no way a racing simulation and can do better in it's drifting category, but that's still far from beyond the point. This game is fun, and can make the most newbie of drivers become interested in it. There isn't a whole range of handling that will confuse any newcomers, and the game is still fun as it is challenging in some given points.

I didn't finish the game, nor did I reach the halfway point in it, mainly because I spent most of the time tuning up the car to try and beat the next challenging racer, because that in itself is fun. There isn't a whole range of depth nor is the game really fast pace. It isn't a polished and solid piece of work, but it's fun as hell as can deliver hours of gameplay. I'm not going to rate this game, but I'll say it's a fun game to play if your bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, and I mean ABSOLUTELY.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Damn this is late

This is going to be very late of news but over the time of my incarceration i have gotten pretty damn rusty and forgot to check my email and have neglected my planner for quite some time now, dued to communication problems and lack of any idea what to do now at all but thanks to a tip off from our pres. Daniel my gears have started to move again but i have a better idea just call my home phone andi will have to try and actually check my email a bit more periodically now and i am sorry if my neglegence has put the club in a bad spot but blame that on me being furious at the boards choice and my mind being clouded by anger, other then that please call me at 264-4253 to tell me what to do and i'll check my email more often. p.s. Club disscusion on funds on the 17th

A victory with heavy losses is no victory at all

Well good news i guess, i won my court case shortened my calender suspension by half and i also think i don't have to do community service or anger management but at what? they already kicked me out of Andrew hill and i gotta spend another 6 months at the rathole of a temp. school pathfinder with the scums of the schools in the district and i don't want that. i still can't believed that after all that trouble i went through these last month they still kick me out, they should've kicked out when i pulled out the knife on Benson instead of suspending me for 2 weeks making wait for another week then sending me to pathfinder for the next month and going to a hearing and a court date to decide whether they kick me out or not, they have their reasons now but for god sake this is like a kick to the nuts here. i'm still going to post here but i don't know what to do now and seriously does anyone ever even answer anyone anymore.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Updates on WARM Week on My Behalf

     Merry Finals to my student brethren and welcomes to Winter Break. With the Write-A-Review Marathon Week for Project Podcast coming in just around the corner, time for some updates! Updates concerning new games to play, and abandoning old ideas due to faulty hardware.

Games List + Goals Updated!
Initial D: Extreme Stage - [Normal] Finish Campaign
F.E.A.R. - [Normal] Finish First 2 Stages
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Metal Gear Solid 4 - [Normal] Finish First 2 Bosses
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3 - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Batman: Arkham Asylum - [Normal] Finish First 2 Bosses?
Demon's Souls - [Normal] Finish First 3 Arc Stones
inFamous - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Borderlands - [Normal] Finish First 3 Bosses
3D Dot Game Heroes - [Normal] Finish First 2 Bosses
Resident Evil 5 - [Normal] Finish First 2 Bosses
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Fallout: New Vegas - [Normal + Hardcore] Finish Story

PSN Games
WipeOut HD - [Normal] Beat First 4 Stage Sets
Everyday Shooter - [Normal] Unlock All Extras
Critter Crunch - [Normal] Finish Course
Gravity Crash - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Braid - [Normal] Finish Story
Flower - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Comet Crash - [Normal] Finish Campaign
The Last Guy - [Normal] Finish Campaign

F.E.A.R. - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Metal Gear Solid 4 - [Normal] Finish Campaign
Demon's Souls - [Normal] Finish All Arc Stones
Borderlands - [Normal] Finish Story
3D Dot Game Heroes - [Normal] Finish Story
Resident Evil 5 - [Normal] Finish Campaign

1. Play a game till I reach the given goal on Normal, not Hard nor Easy.
2. I will write a review, no matter how silly or stupid it sounds I WILL write a Review.
3. Not going to utilize the comfort of the couch, only using a desk chair and a desk.
4. 5 hour limit depending on hour much interest I have at the game, if I'm not having fun, forget it no more than 5 hours.
5. No internet assists, only local assists, so if anyone is willing to come over and help, thank you!
6. Playing with the PSN on.
7. If I finish before the week ends, on to Overtime.
9. Also so I don't kill myself, every three goals achieved entitles me to an 6hr sleep.

Hardware & Etc
  • Dazzle Capture Card doesn't work, so no HD Screenshots
  • Broadcasting Live with either just Audio or maybe with just Video or Both

    Dan (Project Podcast)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What?!?! Edition

     'Tis the season to momentarily have a brain aneurysm because this is the Weird Edition of the Project Podcast Blog Post. What will there be to see? Things that made my brain go What?!?!, Huh?!?!, and sometimes Heh?!?!

     Social networks are a great way to connect with other people, but sometimes people take advantage of that. Facebook happens to be one of those networks that's going to be in the spotlight. Those childhood heroes and cartoons that are set up as your profile picture as a way to combat child abuse, are ironically intended to be the exact opposite. This entire "plan" is supposedly set up by those child predators we all know as "pedophiles". Is the rumor true? I don't know. What is everybody doing to combat this? RESETTING THEIR PROFILE PICTURES TO SOMETHING ELSE. I don't have to do that because I do not follow Facebook trends. I hate bandwagon behavior, maybe you should think about hating it too.

Moments in Idiocy: Are Pedophiles Behind the Cartoon Character Facebook Campaign? [Gawker]

     When Science and Art coincide, there is harmony... To some degree, and I speculate some may already know of this, but there is a New York professor who is installing a camera in the back of his head to capture those "mundane images". Wafaa Bilal, a photography professor at the Tisch School of the Arts, has already undergone surgery to implant that camera to the back of his cranium. Sometimes I don't even know what's art and what's not, maybe I should study at Tisch.

New York professor installs camera in head [CNN]

     Who wants an undergarment of a Queen, well somebody really does, and that person is willing to pay top dollar for that elegant garment, more info in the link below.

Queen Elizabeth II -- Underwear Up for Auction [TMZ]

And with that stuff out of the way, let us end it off with an automatic Tea Gadget video from Tested, shall we?

Quick Look at the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker [Tested]

Dan (Project Podcast)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Uncharted 3's History And What Happened So Far...

Since the new teaser is out, here's a brief history on what happened in Uncharted so far if you haven't played. Teaser's here too

Uncharted started out as a basic project from Naughty Dog who made the Jak series. Naughty Dog named it Big. They wanted to sway away from making a new Jak game for the new Playstation 3. The developers were inspired from old movies with unbelievable scenarios and stuff like Indiana Jones. When finally unveiled at E3 2006, gamers thought it as a basic clone of the Tomb Raider series. Developers wanted their lead character, Nathan Drake, to be as an "everyman" person because he doesn't have special training. He's just like a regular person to his wits. When finally released, critic praised it as a good title for the PS3 launch.

In Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, basically Nathan Drake is some sort of treasure hunter. He finds a map from is descendant Sir Frances Drake. It tells of the famed city of gold, El Derado. There, he is encountered with enemies who also want the gold from the city. Drake is accompanied with his partner Sully and meets Elena who is making a documentary. Turns out the city of El Dorado is actually a statue. The statue is cursed. It turns people into mutants. The statue was a cursed object and Drake eventually finds out his descendant was keeping the statue on the island before he was killed. Nathan eventually fights one of the bad guys, Navarro who captures Elena in his helicopter. Nathan crashes it, saves Elena, kills Navarro who is mutated. Elena and Nathan ride off into the sunset, and his friend Sully gets on a boat with treasure.


Uncharted 2: Among The Thieves is the sequel to it. With much anticipation, this game is just the "best game so far" on the PS3. In it, Drake tries to find Marco Polo's treasure. Marco Polo in 1292. Serving many years under Kublai Khan, he leaves for Persia with 14 ships and 600 passengers. When he finally arrives in Persia, only 1 ship and 19 passengers came. Nathan Drake wakes up in half of a train over a cliff, he remembers that his old girlfriend Chloe Frazer and associate Harry Flynn hired him to get a oil lamp from a museum in Istanbul. The lamp contains a map to show where Marco Polo's sunken treasure. The treasure was the famed Cintamani Stone. Drake meets his friend Elena (from the first one) en route to a temple that gives them their next clue. They soon go to Nepal. They go to a village which tells them of the location of the stone. Drake goes to Shambhala to destroy the stone because of its power. There he fights off the guardians of the stones. they are yeti-like creatures. They're really humans who are powered by the stone and dressed like monsters to protect it. Drake fights another bad guy named Lazarevic. He wants immortality. The stone was, in fact, a sap of the Tree Of Life. Drake detonates a series of explosives in the tree, and it destroys Shambhala. Drakes rides off in the sunset of the mountains with his beloved Elena.
Above: Can you believe a sequel is actually better than the first?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is the next installment of the series. So far, little details have been shown about it except that it's real. With much anticipation, this game will be a true classic for the PS3.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Andrew P. Hill Event - Raise Money for Orphans in Vietnam with HIV!

     AIDS is an incurable and harsh disease that affects over 82,000 children in East Asia, and causes an estimated 36,000 deaths every year. HIV is the leading cause of AIDS, so for places such as Vietnam where illness prevention and treatment is scarce, there is nothing that can really be done to combat these viral infections.
     Celebrate the season of giving by attending the Andrew P. Hill VSA show on Dec. 11 at the Andrew P. Hill Cafeteria from 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Funds gained will be donated to help Orphans in Vietnam with HIV. Tickets will be sold at the door for $8, and can be bought beforehand for $6. There will be modeling, singing, dancing, and skits.

Andrew P. Hill VSA Show: Chuyện Tình Mùa Dông
Saturday, December 11 · 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Andrew P Hill High School Cafeteria
3200 Senter Road, 95111
San Jose, CA

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Of Course You Know This Means War!

Its Victor here and my next meeting with the board of trustee is almost here and i am going to try to win and get my ass back to Andrew hill and out of Pathfinder academy, At first the meetings seemed very one sided but now i am pulling out all the stops on this to get back one way or another, i don't know if that means staying up countless nights picking out my words and evidence carefully before presenting them and i'm also gonna try and get an appeal wish me luck guys

Your Friend , Victor

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turkey Edition & CLUB ACTIVITIES

     'Tis the season of giving, so I'm giving you a blog post. A blog post dedicated to the locals that celebrates the holiday season by either giving to others just giving a little of their spice of what we call life.

    Students Presentation High School, a college preparatory school for women, acquired a mass amount of 613 turkeys for thanksgiving week and amassed a total of $52,000 in canned and dried edibles, baby formula and diapers for Sacred Heart Community Service. Seniors of Presentation High School on the 21st of November stood outside a cold Sunday, in front of a Safeway store on Hamilton Ave.; the students collected enough turkeys to fill four trunks. Great applause to the students of Presentation High School for their great effort and generosity.

Presentation High School in San Jose collects 613 frozen turkeys [San Jose Mercury News]

   San Jose City College will be hosting a ceramics sale on the 5th of December from 12-6pm, 6th of December from 10am-7pm. Ceramics made by professionals and student artists will  be selling their handcrafted goodness to support their arts program. A class on knife skills will also be open at Domus in Willow Glen on December 7, which will teach you the ancient ninja skills of cutting vegetable in elegant pieces, as well as how to care for that weapon of mass slicin 'n dicin. More info in the link below.

Willow Glen shorts: Ceramincs sale at San Jose City College shows pot skills [San Jose Mercury News]

     Whether it's Christmas or Hanukkah, there will always be the Nutcracker. The Century 25 Theater at Westgate Mall has been enlightened by the holidays into a performance art center. You can do stuff like watch the Jewish Nutcracker and a Motown Inspired Christmas Show. History of the savior of the Westgate Century 25 Theater, and other information found in the link below.

Retro Dome in San Jose stages a Jewish Nutcracker and Motown-inspired Christmas show [San Jose Mercury News]

Club Activities
     With some of that other news out of the way, lets get down to some Club Activities that will be going down, and that I have planned.
    Along with the W-A-R Marathon that will be taking place first week of Christmas Break [Dec. 18-25], there will also be a Canned Food Drive that I signed us up for. It is the Holiday Season, and I feel we should participate in giving to those in need. Donations of canned edibles will be much obliged, plus I will be going can collecting some time during Dead Week [Dec. 6-10], so if anyone wants to assist me in collecting canned foods, possibly by asking for donations at several Grocery Stores [Smart & Final, Safeway, etc...], and going door to door at some neighborhoods, that will be much obliged.

Dan (Project Podcast)


Daniels friend Jacob was here. If any of you say this blog is gay, why are you reading it? This blog is kicka$$ and may get famous. Might not ever get famous WHO CARES!! Just enjoy it and STFU!! ahahaha jk :P its 2:20AM and im up and running on my last energy so this is going to be nonsense to me in the morning haha idc lol anyways have fun with daniels Review Week haha wish i could help but i only have the Wii(BOOO!) oh well haha welll peace



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back In Action

Well its about time this place got a face lift and might i say i am incredibly impressed with the work you've done, I still have no idea when i will return to school or if i will return at all but that will not stop me from helping out the club, also i still need my modern warfare 2 back from john :/

Anywho it has been a month since i've been out and the absence from school is really starting to get to me, i've somehow been having nightmares about as of late and it is not really helping me one bit, all the students in Pathefinder ain't exactly my cup of tea (seriously they are just awful most of them) they are all delinquent who keep pushing the big red button in my head that could cause a nuke to go off in my head at any moment, i just hope that the meeting at Dec. 16 this month with give me some insight on my ticket out of that place till then i've been cracking out hours on monster hunter, bayonetta, And No more heroes, and the crazy action will have to keep me busy for now.

i have been talking to Oscar these last few weeks to help fill me in on the events happening at the school and it seems pretty boring at the time but i really need to get back but we shall see.

Last but not least i need to post on the blog a bit more periodically then normal as i take days till i could post something up ands that all i pretty much have to say for now till then have a happy holiday everyone .

and whats up with the w.a.r. thing anyway Bryan?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Break is Write-A-Review Marathon Week

Made a banner, that means I'm serious!
     Okay, since there hasn't been much that has been going on at this page, maybe a few posts here or there, but still not really anything going on. Here's what I'll do, Winter Break is going to be marathon week, which means I'll be popping up the PS3 onto the table connecting it to the Laptop, and attempt to play most of the games that I have, from beginning to end. At the end of each game I will be writing a review for that game, and since it is going to be on the Laptop I can make screen shots, so there is going to be a full week with nothing but game review and more game reviews, and I promise you that to my fullest extent. You don't believe me? Got my capture card, and a ton of coffee, also a knack for staying up late and working on schoolwork. So stay tuned, Winter Break is Game Review Week, though not all are relatively new, WE NEED MORE BLOG POSTS, so that's what I'm willing to sacrifice.

On that account... Anyone want to spend the week of Winter Break here? It's cold but I might or might not need help.

Also here are some rules I set up for myself, you can add to it if you want to by editing this post, editors.
1. Play a game till I reach the given goal on either Easy or Normal, not HARD.
2. I will write a review, no matter how silly or stupid it sounds I WILL WRITE A REVIEW.
3. After finishing each Review, a 5 hour rest period is permitted, No more.
4. Not going to utilize the comfort of the couch, only using a desk chair, and a desk.
5. 5 - 7 hour limit depending on hour much interest I have at the game, if I'm not having fun, forget it no more than 5 hours, But I will be trying to speed run everything.
6. No internet assists, only local assists, so if anyone is willing to come over and help, thank you!
7. Playing with the PSN off, so no foreign intrusions (Demon's Souls).
8. If I finish before the week ends, on to the Wii Games.
10. Also so I don't kill myself, every three goals achieved entitles me to an 8hr nap.

Here's a list of every game I will be doing. Including games off of PSN.

1. Initial D, Japanese import - Finish Campaign. (Never Finished)
2. 3D Dot Game Heroes - Beat 3 or more bosses
3. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Beat 3 or more bosses SKIPPING CUTSCENES
4. Borderlands - Beat 3 or more bosses
5. Demon's Souls - Beat 3 or more Bosses
6. Resident Evil 5 - Beat 2 or more Bosses (Haven't Played Before)
7. F.E.A.R. - Pass 3 or more levels
8. Fallout: New Vegas: Beat the story mode
9. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Beat the Campaign

 PSN Games
WipeOut HD - Finish 2 or more Campaign sections.
Everyday Shooter - Attempt to beat the entire play.
Critter Crunch - Finish all main puzzle 'till the end.
Gravity Crash - Finish Campaign
Braid - Finish Playthrough
Flower - Finish Campaign
Comet Crash - Try to beat it (Tower Defense is HARD)
The Last Guy - Try to finish all sequences
Bomberman ULTRA - Don't know, bought it but never played it.

Also will try to do all games at 24hr long intervals. So after 24hrs I will get a 5hr sleep, and so on.

New Season, so new Design

     Things have been pretty hectic for a while now, so I have not put much time into this "Project", so I decided to change the Site Design to celebrate the new season! Somethings are going to conflict with certain Pages, so I hope the rest of the team can help me with this.

     Also we need more blog POSTS, that's set on my agenda, how about yours?