Saturday, December 4, 2010

Back In Action

Well its about time this place got a face lift and might i say i am incredibly impressed with the work you've done, I still have no idea when i will return to school or if i will return at all but that will not stop me from helping out the club, also i still need my modern warfare 2 back from john :/

Anywho it has been a month since i've been out and the absence from school is really starting to get to me, i've somehow been having nightmares about as of late and it is not really helping me one bit, all the students in Pathefinder ain't exactly my cup of tea (seriously they are just awful most of them) they are all delinquent who keep pushing the big red button in my head that could cause a nuke to go off in my head at any moment, i just hope that the meeting at Dec. 16 this month with give me some insight on my ticket out of that place till then i've been cracking out hours on monster hunter, bayonetta, And No more heroes, and the crazy action will have to keep me busy for now.

i have been talking to Oscar these last few weeks to help fill me in on the events happening at the school and it seems pretty boring at the time but i really need to get back but we shall see.

Last but not least i need to post on the blog a bit more periodically then normal as i take days till i could post something up ands that all i pretty much have to say for now till then have a happy holiday everyone .

and whats up with the w.a.r. thing anyway Bryan?

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