Saturday, December 18, 2010

Damn this is late

This is going to be very late of news but over the time of my incarceration i have gotten pretty damn rusty and forgot to check my email and have neglected my planner for quite some time now, dued to communication problems and lack of any idea what to do now at all but thanks to a tip off from our pres. Daniel my gears have started to move again but i have a better idea just call my home phone andi will have to try and actually check my email a bit more periodically now and i am sorry if my neglegence has put the club in a bad spot but blame that on me being furious at the boards choice and my mind being clouded by anger, other then that please call me at 264-4253 to tell me what to do and i'll check my email more often. p.s. Club disscusion on funds on the 17th

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