Sunday, December 5, 2010

Turkey Edition & CLUB ACTIVITIES

     'Tis the season of giving, so I'm giving you a blog post. A blog post dedicated to the locals that celebrates the holiday season by either giving to others just giving a little of their spice of what we call life.

    Students Presentation High School, a college preparatory school for women, acquired a mass amount of 613 turkeys for thanksgiving week and amassed a total of $52,000 in canned and dried edibles, baby formula and diapers for Sacred Heart Community Service. Seniors of Presentation High School on the 21st of November stood outside a cold Sunday, in front of a Safeway store on Hamilton Ave.; the students collected enough turkeys to fill four trunks. Great applause to the students of Presentation High School for their great effort and generosity.

Presentation High School in San Jose collects 613 frozen turkeys [San Jose Mercury News]

   San Jose City College will be hosting a ceramics sale on the 5th of December from 12-6pm, 6th of December from 10am-7pm. Ceramics made by professionals and student artists will  be selling their handcrafted goodness to support their arts program. A class on knife skills will also be open at Domus in Willow Glen on December 7, which will teach you the ancient ninja skills of cutting vegetable in elegant pieces, as well as how to care for that weapon of mass slicin 'n dicin. More info in the link below.

Willow Glen shorts: Ceramincs sale at San Jose City College shows pot skills [San Jose Mercury News]

     Whether it's Christmas or Hanukkah, there will always be the Nutcracker. The Century 25 Theater at Westgate Mall has been enlightened by the holidays into a performance art center. You can do stuff like watch the Jewish Nutcracker and a Motown Inspired Christmas Show. History of the savior of the Westgate Century 25 Theater, and other information found in the link below.

Retro Dome in San Jose stages a Jewish Nutcracker and Motown-inspired Christmas show [San Jose Mercury News]

Club Activities
     With some of that other news out of the way, lets get down to some Club Activities that will be going down, and that I have planned.
    Along with the W-A-R Marathon that will be taking place first week of Christmas Break [Dec. 18-25], there will also be a Canned Food Drive that I signed us up for. It is the Holiday Season, and I feel we should participate in giving to those in need. Donations of canned edibles will be much obliged, plus I will be going can collecting some time during Dead Week [Dec. 6-10], so if anyone wants to assist me in collecting canned foods, possibly by asking for donations at several Grocery Stores [Smart & Final, Safeway, etc...], and going door to door at some neighborhoods, that will be much obliged.

Dan (Project Podcast)

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