Friday, December 10, 2010

Uncharted 3's History And What Happened So Far...

Since the new teaser is out, here's a brief history on what happened in Uncharted so far if you haven't played. Teaser's here too

Uncharted started out as a basic project from Naughty Dog who made the Jak series. Naughty Dog named it Big. They wanted to sway away from making a new Jak game for the new Playstation 3. The developers were inspired from old movies with unbelievable scenarios and stuff like Indiana Jones. When finally unveiled at E3 2006, gamers thought it as a basic clone of the Tomb Raider series. Developers wanted their lead character, Nathan Drake, to be as an "everyman" person because he doesn't have special training. He's just like a regular person to his wits. When finally released, critic praised it as a good title for the PS3 launch.

In Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, basically Nathan Drake is some sort of treasure hunter. He finds a map from is descendant Sir Frances Drake. It tells of the famed city of gold, El Derado. There, he is encountered with enemies who also want the gold from the city. Drake is accompanied with his partner Sully and meets Elena who is making a documentary. Turns out the city of El Dorado is actually a statue. The statue is cursed. It turns people into mutants. The statue was a cursed object and Drake eventually finds out his descendant was keeping the statue on the island before he was killed. Nathan eventually fights one of the bad guys, Navarro who captures Elena in his helicopter. Nathan crashes it, saves Elena, kills Navarro who is mutated. Elena and Nathan ride off into the sunset, and his friend Sully gets on a boat with treasure.


Uncharted 2: Among The Thieves is the sequel to it. With much anticipation, this game is just the "best game so far" on the PS3. In it, Drake tries to find Marco Polo's treasure. Marco Polo in 1292. Serving many years under Kublai Khan, he leaves for Persia with 14 ships and 600 passengers. When he finally arrives in Persia, only 1 ship and 19 passengers came. Nathan Drake wakes up in half of a train over a cliff, he remembers that his old girlfriend Chloe Frazer and associate Harry Flynn hired him to get a oil lamp from a museum in Istanbul. The lamp contains a map to show where Marco Polo's sunken treasure. The treasure was the famed Cintamani Stone. Drake meets his friend Elena (from the first one) en route to a temple that gives them their next clue. They soon go to Nepal. They go to a village which tells them of the location of the stone. Drake goes to Shambhala to destroy the stone because of its power. There he fights off the guardians of the stones. they are yeti-like creatures. They're really humans who are powered by the stone and dressed like monsters to protect it. Drake fights another bad guy named Lazarevic. He wants immortality. The stone was, in fact, a sap of the Tree Of Life. Drake detonates a series of explosives in the tree, and it destroys Shambhala. Drakes rides off in the sunset of the mountains with his beloved Elena.
Above: Can you believe a sequel is actually better than the first?

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is the next installment of the series. So far, little details have been shown about it except that it's real. With much anticipation, this game will be a true classic for the PS3.


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