Saturday, December 18, 2010

A victory with heavy losses is no victory at all

Well good news i guess, i won my court case shortened my calender suspension by half and i also think i don't have to do community service or anger management but at what? they already kicked me out of Andrew hill and i gotta spend another 6 months at the rathole of a temp. school pathfinder with the scums of the schools in the district and i don't want that. i still can't believed that after all that trouble i went through these last month they still kick me out, they should've kicked out when i pulled out the knife on Benson instead of suspending me for 2 weeks making wait for another week then sending me to pathfinder for the next month and going to a hearing and a court date to decide whether they kick me out or not, they have their reasons now but for god sake this is like a kick to the nuts here. i'm still going to post here but i don't know what to do now and seriously does anyone ever even answer anyone anymore.

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  1. Did you even bother emailing me the events and all of the notes you took on the planner? Check your email.