Sunday, December 19, 2010

WAR Review - Initial D: Extreme Stage

Just passed the limit on Initial D: Extreme Stage, a game about a racing series popularized in Japan and here is my fatigued verdict, it's alright. Not only do things go well in the game, but everything handles pretty decent, and decent seems like an understatement, but that will have to do.

Initial D: Extreme Stage isn't a polished piece or work, nor does it have much to say about it's handling... because there almost no handling. It must be me, but there is even no need to have a break control in the game in the first place, neither is braking really a major factor in breaking through tight corners in the game, you can just steer and the car automatically drifts for you. Going at 50 km/h? Barely do a turn, you will skid. Do an unsharp 45 degree turn you'll still skid and drift. There isn't really much to the game unless you put on manual transmission and start counting the kilometers you're going.

The game is still challenging as shit, too. Turns are easy to do and hard to master, while that is a cliched term, it applies to the game immensely. Depth of the game goes as far as exploring different car brands and car models there are and experimenting with them by either tuning their parts up or modding the rims, body, muffler, paint, and spoilers. The tuning goes by levels, much like most standard racing games are, raise enough points? Go to level one in transmission upgrade and axle. But it isn't just limited to just saying level 1 and level 2 and so on, there are some things to learn in this game for those that aren't as enthusiastic on cars nor know the knowledge.

The car selection is limited but it's a start, there isn't really much to explore in terms of cars as there is only a maximum of 3 per profile and cars are available to put into your garage from the start of the game. No points are required to obtain new cars and start racing them, but there is not a huge difference in cars, they will do better given the car's transmission and drive placements, and that can vary from only about three to four selection.

This game is in no way a racing simulation and can do better in it's drifting category, but that's still far from beyond the point. This game is fun, and can make the most newbie of drivers become interested in it. There isn't a whole range of handling that will confuse any newcomers, and the game is still fun as it is challenging in some given points.

I didn't finish the game, nor did I reach the halfway point in it, mainly because I spent most of the time tuning up the car to try and beat the next challenging racer, because that in itself is fun. There isn't a whole range of depth nor is the game really fast pace. It isn't a polished and solid piece of work, but it's fun as hell as can deliver hours of gameplay. I'm not going to rate this game, but I'll say it's a fun game to play if your bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, and I mean ABSOLUTELY.

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