Sunday, December 12, 2010

What?!?! Edition

     'Tis the season to momentarily have a brain aneurysm because this is the Weird Edition of the Project Podcast Blog Post. What will there be to see? Things that made my brain go What?!?!, Huh?!?!, and sometimes Heh?!?!

     Social networks are a great way to connect with other people, but sometimes people take advantage of that. Facebook happens to be one of those networks that's going to be in the spotlight. Those childhood heroes and cartoons that are set up as your profile picture as a way to combat child abuse, are ironically intended to be the exact opposite. This entire "plan" is supposedly set up by those child predators we all know as "pedophiles". Is the rumor true? I don't know. What is everybody doing to combat this? RESETTING THEIR PROFILE PICTURES TO SOMETHING ELSE. I don't have to do that because I do not follow Facebook trends. I hate bandwagon behavior, maybe you should think about hating it too.

Moments in Idiocy: Are Pedophiles Behind the Cartoon Character Facebook Campaign? [Gawker]

     When Science and Art coincide, there is harmony... To some degree, and I speculate some may already know of this, but there is a New York professor who is installing a camera in the back of his head to capture those "mundane images". Wafaa Bilal, a photography professor at the Tisch School of the Arts, has already undergone surgery to implant that camera to the back of his cranium. Sometimes I don't even know what's art and what's not, maybe I should study at Tisch.

New York professor installs camera in head [CNN]

     Who wants an undergarment of a Queen, well somebody really does, and that person is willing to pay top dollar for that elegant garment, more info in the link below.

Queen Elizabeth II -- Underwear Up for Auction [TMZ]

And with that stuff out of the way, let us end it off with an automatic Tea Gadget video from Tested, shall we?

Quick Look at the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker [Tested]

Dan (Project Podcast)

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