Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Break is Write-A-Review Marathon Week

Made a banner, that means I'm serious!
     Okay, since there hasn't been much that has been going on at this page, maybe a few posts here or there, but still not really anything going on. Here's what I'll do, Winter Break is going to be marathon week, which means I'll be popping up the PS3 onto the table connecting it to the Laptop, and attempt to play most of the games that I have, from beginning to end. At the end of each game I will be writing a review for that game, and since it is going to be on the Laptop I can make screen shots, so there is going to be a full week with nothing but game review and more game reviews, and I promise you that to my fullest extent. You don't believe me? Got my capture card, and a ton of coffee, also a knack for staying up late and working on schoolwork. So stay tuned, Winter Break is Game Review Week, though not all are relatively new, WE NEED MORE BLOG POSTS, so that's what I'm willing to sacrifice.

On that account... Anyone want to spend the week of Winter Break here? It's cold but I might or might not need help.

Also here are some rules I set up for myself, you can add to it if you want to by editing this post, editors.
1. Play a game till I reach the given goal on either Easy or Normal, not HARD.
2. I will write a review, no matter how silly or stupid it sounds I WILL WRITE A REVIEW.
3. After finishing each Review, a 5 hour rest period is permitted, No more.
4. Not going to utilize the comfort of the couch, only using a desk chair, and a desk.
5. 5 - 7 hour limit depending on hour much interest I have at the game, if I'm not having fun, forget it no more than 5 hours, But I will be trying to speed run everything.
6. No internet assists, only local assists, so if anyone is willing to come over and help, thank you!
7. Playing with the PSN off, so no foreign intrusions (Demon's Souls).
8. If I finish before the week ends, on to the Wii Games.
10. Also so I don't kill myself, every three goals achieved entitles me to an 8hr nap.

Here's a list of every game I will be doing. Including games off of PSN.

1. Initial D, Japanese import - Finish Campaign. (Never Finished)
2. 3D Dot Game Heroes - Beat 3 or more bosses
3. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Beat 3 or more bosses SKIPPING CUTSCENES
4. Borderlands - Beat 3 or more bosses
5. Demon's Souls - Beat 3 or more Bosses
6. Resident Evil 5 - Beat 2 or more Bosses (Haven't Played Before)
7. F.E.A.R. - Pass 3 or more levels
8. Fallout: New Vegas: Beat the story mode
9. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Beat the Campaign

 PSN Games
WipeOut HD - Finish 2 or more Campaign sections.
Everyday Shooter - Attempt to beat the entire play.
Critter Crunch - Finish all main puzzle 'till the end.
Gravity Crash - Finish Campaign
Braid - Finish Playthrough
Flower - Finish Campaign
Comet Crash - Try to beat it (Tower Defense is HARD)
The Last Guy - Try to finish all sequences
Bomberman ULTRA - Don't know, bought it but never played it.

Also will try to do all games at 24hr long intervals. So after 24hrs I will get a 5hr sleep, and so on.

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