Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project Skypecast 12 - Bloody Scribble D [Uncensored]

A long awaited 12th episode of our infamous dead skypecast, yet it somehow makes its way through the seven levels of podcasting hell. Shan't this season finale of our Junior year skypecasting been released in 2010, I would reckon that the intellectual world would have been destroyed long since. Due note to our colloquial euphemistic listeners who know their way around the "streets", we recorded this on April 20th.

Suggested Talking Points, well not really talking points: Corrupted Osu! Commune again, Silent Guests, Where is New Zealand?, Minecraft-mon, early swearing conundrums, Super Meatcraft, J.J enters the fray, former student woes, [everything after 30min is exploitive].

Hosts: Bryan Nagar, Victor Nguyen
Guests: J.J. Wanda, Jordan Hughes (Silent)
Intro/Outro: None this ep. Its gonna be rough and raw, uncut, uncensored.

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