Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project Podcast Recording of October 18 2011 [Click Here]

It's beautiful, isn't it?
     What's going on? This is Project Podcast Pres. Dan with a semi-recent recording we did about 3 weeks ago, I'm stepping up game and doing a reboot, after that long hiatus where I went on a journey far off into the east to explore the depths of the earth and to discover myself. Some call me a modern day hippie (Peace, Dude!), but I don't smoke marijuana due to fear that I will become the shadow of Amy Winehouse's career. To soon to bust out that joke? Well sue me. [Don't, just send me a complaint on the Club's e-mail (bottom of post)]

Anyways this podcast will talk about:
Result of A.hill's football game w/ Westmont (We lost, surprised?)
Spirit Week
Homecoming shizah
as well as other stuff

So... LISTEN! (Please)

Dan Wu

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