Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Writing an Editorial

As goes to show, there has not been much going on despite the influx of recent recordings from the club president Dan, but I will be embarking on my own quest to not only freshen up my penmanship and prose, but to put forth an example of what this club can do with all its potential.

I will be working on an editorial due out sometime in February highlighting the overall benefits of podcasting as well highlighting some aspects that may be concerning the future of Project Podcast altogether. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alive/Dead Week Podcast! [Click Here!]

     Now that we are up to date with releases now. This week would be Dead Week, which means that teachers around the school would focus on teaching and preparing their students for final for next week, which will be the last week before Winter Break (WHOO!). But the nice folks on the ASB Cabinet have decided to turn this all around and make this something positive, which is known as Alive Week. Meaning that everyday for the entire week, there is a study hall type of thing, complete with snacks going on in the Cafeteria for the entire week. Not only is this Alive Week though, but it is also Spirit Week, so students from each class wears apparel that matches the theme for each day of the week to measure our school spirit. Click the title above to listen to the podcast (The [Click Here!] thing).

This Week's Podcast contains:
Alive Week Themes
Results of last week's Soccer game
Track&Field News
The tragic accident on Monterey Road

Uploading files onto the server with a slow upload speed is a pain...

Dan Wu

Podcast of November 8th, 2011 [Click Here!]

     This is kind of like a posting marathon. Sorry for much of the delays, but for anybody reading this post I would like to thank everybody who has stayed with us through the delays... If there is anybody. Since this is basically a thank you post, I would like to thanks our few dedicated members who've stayed with me since the opening of this Podcast Experiment... This is kind of a (REALLY) late thanksgiving post. So here's the new recording for the Podcast of November 8th, 2011. Thank You! ;D

This Podcast is about:
A hair in my lunch...
Results of Senior Night Football against Gunderson
Some info on Volleyball and X Country
Robbery in France!
Prom Pre-sale info (kind of late... I know.)

Dan Wu

A Recent Post of a Past Recording?!?! 11-01-11 [Click Here]

     Hello people who still read this blog, whom are really awesome people of the everlasting world. If there is anybody who exists who still visits this, BIG APPLAUSE. Anyways, pushing myself to quit being a lazy president who lounges around at home all day playing Skyrim and indulging in sweet Doritos and whatnot, I bring you ANOTHER RECORDING, this is a while back and a lot has happened since then, but please give this a listen. I also would like to apologize for the long delay, but here it is... (Click on the Title Text)

In this Podcast we discuss:
Homecoming Football Game
Great news from our Volleyball Team!
Halloween stuff...
Prospects on the iPhone4S
News from our Solar Panels concerning a giant truck
Dia De los Muertos event
Obama stuff about troops and etc...
And some stuff about the Antibullying show.

Dan Wu