Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Alive/Dead Week Podcast! [Click Here!]

     Now that we are up to date with releases now. This week would be Dead Week, which means that teachers around the school would focus on teaching and preparing their students for final for next week, which will be the last week before Winter Break (WHOO!). But the nice folks on the ASB Cabinet have decided to turn this all around and make this something positive, which is known as Alive Week. Meaning that everyday for the entire week, there is a study hall type of thing, complete with snacks going on in the Cafeteria for the entire week. Not only is this Alive Week though, but it is also Spirit Week, so students from each class wears apparel that matches the theme for each day of the week to measure our school spirit. Click the title above to listen to the podcast (The [Click Here!] thing).

This Week's Podcast contains:
Alive Week Themes
Results of last week's Soccer game
Track&Field News
The tragic accident on Monterey Road

Uploading files onto the server with a slow upload speed is a pain...

Dan Wu

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