Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Recent Post of a Past Recording?!?! 11-01-11 [Click Here]

     Hello people who still read this blog, whom are really awesome people of the everlasting world. If there is anybody who exists who still visits this, BIG APPLAUSE. Anyways, pushing myself to quit being a lazy president who lounges around at home all day playing Skyrim and indulging in sweet Doritos and whatnot, I bring you ANOTHER RECORDING, this is a while back and a lot has happened since then, but please give this a listen. I also would like to apologize for the long delay, but here it is... (Click on the Title Text)

In this Podcast we discuss:
Homecoming Football Game
Great news from our Volleyball Team!
Halloween stuff...
Prospects on the iPhone4S
News from our Solar Panels concerning a giant truck
Dia De los Muertos event
Obama stuff about troops and etc...
And some stuff about the Antibullying show.

Dan Wu

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